Students get chance to go on international journey

By Gus Bode

Students and community members interested in an ‘intellectual adventure’ can attend an informational meeting Thursday about trips to Egypt, Greece and Turkey in May and June.

The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in Lawson 131 and will facilitate discussion about the trip being led by Robert Hahn, a philosophy professor at SIU.

Hahn said he hopes students who attend the meeting will decide to go on the trip to gain an understanding of other cultures.


‘I hope people are appreciative about being an American, but very open to other places,’ Hahn said. ‘They will have a chance to see themselves anew.’

Students who attend any trip will earn six course credits, but family members and members of the community are welcome to attend as well. He said it is not uncommon for students to bring their parents with them.

Erin Seeley, a junior from Crystal Lake studying public relations and a participant in last year’s trip to Egypt, said she learned more during the trip than she did in her classes of her former major, art history.

‘I wasn’t getting the exact, full story,’ Seeley said. ‘There were a few pieces that we saw in the Cairo museum that we studied (in class) and I got to see them up close. I saw there was more to them than what I was reading.’

Cost of the event varies by trip, but the Web site,, shows the cost varies between $4,860 and $5,052 for the flight, travel and most meals.

Hahn said professors from SIUC, SIUE, University of Vanderbilt, Iowa State University, University of California-Berkeley and University of Texas in the departments of philosophy, Egyptology, art history, classics, astronomy and theatre will attend the trip.

Chris Kunz, a senior from Springfield studying philosophy, went on the trip to Turkey and Greece last year and said his advice to this year’s participants is to pack lightly.


‘You do a lot of moving around and when it comes down to it, you don’t need a lot of stuff,’ Kunz said. ‘You don’t need to haul all that stuff around when you change locations every couple of days.’

Kunz said the trip would teach participants to appreciate what they have.

‘Be happy with what you got here,’ he said. ‘Those countries we went to were so much poorer in a lot of areas.’

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