Don’t stay with The Fray

By Gus Bode

The Fray

‘The Fray’

Release date: 2/3


Record label: Sony

Web site:

Rating: D

The Fray really took the easy way out by self-titling their newest album. They should have picked an album name, which speaks for the music’s quality. Acceptable names would have been ‘Bland’ or ‘Same As It Ever Was’ or ‘Made Solely For Dramatic Moments on Grey’s Anatomy.’

Give the band credit on one account. They may have created the safest record of all time. There is nothing adventurous or bold on this record at all.

Every single song is built along the same template. Plop down a piano line, create a lackluster tempo and let frontman Isaac Slade’s dull vocals ride the track.

There is literally no stand out tracks on this record. Every single song follows the same pattern, with little to no distinguishing aspects from beginning to end.


The band’s previous outing made them pretty bankable stars but this effort will inch them closer to playing their hits at state fairs.

At least producers of prime-time dramas can get excited about a new batch of sappy soft-rock to soundtrack their most dire moments. The rest of us will just have to look elsewhere.

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