Bocot cleans up for Salukis

By Gus Bode

While Justin Bocot’s break through performance might come as a shock to some people out in Saluki Nation, it didn’t suprise me.

Bocot went from sweeping and mopping floors last season to scoring and mopping the floor with Missouri State Bears defenders on Saturday.

It was 28 of the most dazzling points I’ve seen a Saluki score in my time at SIU.’ He slashed through the defense and soared to the rim.


Two points.

He ran off screens and popped jumper after jumper.’ My only wish was that Marv Albert was calling the game for ESPN2.’ I could hear it now.

‘Bocot, for three (pause) YESSS!’

After covering a women’s basketball game during the first semester, Bocot was having a personal post-game shootaround.’ Dressed in a sweater, a collared shirt, khakis and some loafers, I asked Justin if I could take a couple shots with him.

I went on to airball my first few and Bocot cracked a smile and a slight laugh.

‘That’s why I do what I do and you do what you do,’ I told him.

Eventually I made a few layups.’ In between him drilling shots and my failed attempts at filling the basket I asked him if he ever got tired of being at the SIU Arena.’ It was a Friday night.


‘This is my home.’ I love this place.’

Bocot went on and talked about how much he appreciated the loyalty of head coach Chris Lowery gave him during the recruiting process as he continued to work on his craft mixing a steady dosage of jokes and jumpers.’ He explained that most teams were turned off by his early struggles in high school, but Lowery stayed persistent, insisting there was a way he could be helped.

Bocot would go on to help himself as he paid his way through his freshman year of college like any 18-year-old would – by getting a campus job.

Lowery rewarded Bocot and now Bocot will reward Lowery and Saluki Nation.

Book it!