USG to encourage professors to use iTunes University

By Gus Bode

Students can be seen on a daily basis listening to music on their iPod while walking around the SIUC campus.

But Dana Agusto, an Undergraduate Student Government senator representing the College of Education and Human Services, said she thinks students should be able to use their iPods as an educational tool as well.

Agusto passed a resolution during Wednesday’s USG meeting to encourage more professors to upload relevant class materials to iTunes University, an application of the iTunes store.


Professors can post lectures and classroom presentations, which can then be downloaded by students and transferred to their iPod and listened to whenever, wherever.

The program is free to both students downloading the content and administrators publishing it.

Agusto said iTunes University will give students who don’t have as much time to study a better opportunity to learn the material.

‘Students don’t have as much time to study anymore,’ Agusto said. ‘It will make it easier for students, and thus, I would hope, raise the graduation rate.’

Gusto said iTunes University will help the retention problem the university is having.

‘If you study more, hopefully you get better grades in your classes,’ Agusto said.

‘Hopefully, we have more people passing. Hopefully, we keep students here, retention.’


Agusto said she doesn’t think iTunes University will lower class attendance, as long as teachers make attendance mandatory.

But Brandon Allen, a senator representing Brush Towers, said iTunes University defeats the purpose of actually going to class to get an education.

‘Teachers don’t record their lectures to make sure that students are in class to receive the full benefit,’ Allen said.

Senator Jamal Easley, who represents academic affairs, said his psychology class already uses iTunes University and it has helped him more than Blackboard is capable of.

‘You can hear the teacher point out what’s important in the lecture,’ Easley said. ‘Blackboard is just slides.’

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