Blog Wars: Best Frisbee sport

By Gus Bode

This week’s ‘Get Out’ installment shows the intensity of Ultimate Frisbee. What is the best sport to play with a Frisbee?

Derek Robbins

I believe the correct answer is that there is no ‘best’ sport to play with a Frisbee and in fact, you are less for playing one at all. Most any sport where a Frisbee is involved is better played in its actual form. For instance, Ultimate Frisbee is kind of like a neutered version of soccer. I may not be the biggest soccer guy, but I’d rather watch 90 minutes of action-packed passing and 0-0 ties than people ‘gracefully’ throwing the Frisbee into an end-zone. The Frisbee is fun to mindlessly toss around with your friends, but as a sport, well, it gives dull a whole new definition.


Brian Feldt

I wouldn’t call myself a Frisbee enthusiast but I do enjoy picking up a disc every now and then for a good time. I’ve never played Frisbee Golf or Ultimate Frisbee but I do like to throw a Frisbee around with some friends in some free time. It’s a relaxing activity that lets you have a good recreational time without having to take a shower to clean up the massive amounts of sweat associated with a football game or basketball game. Frisbees are fun for all ages and better yet, anyone can play.

Barton Lorimor

Easily it’s Ultimate Frisbee. I’m sure I’m not the only one to answer that, but here’s why you should pick me. I’m short and I have palsy in my right side, but I was a mean wide receiver in my high school underground Frisbee league.

Sean McGahan

Whenever I see a Frisbee, I always have an uncontrollable desire to attempt to catch it in my mouth. I may have been a dog in a previous life.