Letter: Best way to deal with bad comments?

By Gus Bode

Dear Editor:

I can certainly empathize with your feelings toward some of the comments made on a few of the Daily Egyptian’s articles. Many of those comments were ignorant, tasteless and many times factually incorrect. However, as journalists, I’m sure you realize that whenever you write an article on race, religion, sexual orientation or any other subject some people consider controversial, readers will have very strong feelings about those subjects and want to voice their opinions.

Is a racist comment from an uneducated low-life really justification for the Daily Egyptian staff to revoke all readers’ abilities to post comments? The only way to prevent readers voicing strong, and sometimes ignorant, opinions to controversial subjects is to stop writing about them, which we both know isn’t going to happen. Even ignorant hate speech, though morally wrong in my opinion, is protected under our constitution. Is censoring all readers’ comments really the way to deal with a few bad apples?


David Siu

2007 alumnus in exercise science