Letter: Don’t make assumptions

By Gus Bode

Dear Editor:

To David Siu. Let me start by saying I have no respect for you and feel your letter exudes ignorance. It is an insult to the exercise and physical fitness program at SIUC. Someone who has graduated with a degree from this program should know more about bodybuilding.

It is evident that you do not fully understand the competition of Mr. SIU and bodybuilding. As a competitor in the competition and third place in the short class, I know competitors compete solely on an aesthetic basis. Anyone, even you, can do clean-and-jerks and 400 meter repeats – what truly is a challenge is making your body look the best it can. No other sport comes close to making the human body a replica of an anatomy chart. I don’t know what inspired you to rant about a sport you have no idea about, but I have my suspicions.


Ross Tenczar

junior studying management