Banter: Cubs vs. Sox

By Gus Bode

The cross-town rivalry begins Wednesday. Who will win the season series between the Cubs and White Sox?

Sean McGahan

‘The winner of this series will be any couple sporting opposite jerseys at the games, because they will get just as much face time as anyone on the field. I wouldn’t be surprised if WGN starts a spinoff-reality show about one of these odd couples living together. ‘How do they do it?’ Len Kasper will inexplicably ask. The real question is how announcers ask that question six times a year and still face themselves in the mirror.’


Matt Freeland

‘This is always a tough series and it seems like the rivalry heats up after each game. I am going to take the Cubs this year. After Derek Lee’s great running play and Ryan Theriot’s patented weak-but-deadly single to right field, I think the Cubs will start to show some more energy and they will regain their confidence against the South-Siders starting this week.’

Jeff Engelhardt

‘I agree with Sean and the most precious couple sporting opposite jerseys during this series is none other than Ozzie Guillen and Carlos Zambrano. Guillen’s disdain for Wrigley Field is no secret as he has just recently said he pukes every time he goes there. Zambrano has made it known he would like Chicago to get a new ballpark. So instead of staring out into the ivy that causes them to regurgitate, I think they will stare into each others eyes from across the dugouts, dreaming of ‘better’ stadiums.’