Mullins to play pro ball in France

By Gus Bode

After a long summer of showcasing his basketball skills to many professional scouts, Bryan Mullins has signed a contract with a pro basketball team in France.

A four-year starter at SIU, Mullins will begin his career under a one-year contract with his new team, J.L Bourg Basket. Mullins said it has been a busy summer for him, but one that has been worthwhile.

‘It was a lot of fun because I was healthy and I was playing basketball again and working out with some great players like (Minnesota Timberwolves point guard) Jonny Flynn,’ he said.


His father, Mike Mullins, said he has been grateful his 22-year-old son has been able to chase his dream.

‘Bryan has done a lot of traveling this summer, going to Italy and with the Bulls and Celtics in the summer leagues,’ he said. ‘It’s been busy, but it’s exciting.’

Mike Mullins said his son is going to go in there and compete and that he’s fully healthy, something his family is the most thankful for.

‘He’s doing fine now,’ he said. ‘He feels great, and he looks great.’

Mike Mullins said it has been hard for Bryan to do much lifting in recent years because of injuries to his tibia and his foot, but that he is now able to lift at full strength.

‘I feel great,’ Bryan Mullins said. ‘I have taken some time off, not overwhelming myself. I’ve been really smart about it.’

The two-time Missouri Valley Conference Defensive Player of the Year will also compete with the Irish National Team and will leave Aug. 8.


Mullins earned citizenship in Ireland making him a dual citizen, something some of his other family members have done.

This allows him to be able to play for the Irish National team, which he finds important for his career.

‘My dad’s parents were born in Ireland, so that’s why I was able to get it,’ he said. ‘To have dual citizenship is very valuable because it’s more opportunities playing in different countries.’

After playing with the Bulls’ and Celtics’ summer league squads, both organizations recommended that Mullins should go overseas and develop his game, something he will work hard at with J.L Bourg in hopes that he will sign with an NBA team next year.

‘He had a few NBDL (National Basketball Developmental League) teams make an offer to him, but financially and for his personal style, (France) is a better fit,’ Mike Mullins said.