Banter: Did you see Favre coming?

By Gus Bode

Brett Favre came out of retirement (again) Wednesday to sign with the Minnesota Vikings. Did you think that Favre was going to stay retired?


Wow, I am absolutely stunned by this move ‘- OK, not really. It was only a matter of time before Favre flip-flopped again. As a Packers fan, it feels a bit like betrayal, seeing your legendary quarterback playing for a rival. Best of luck to him and hopefully the Packers get their payback against him this season.

-Ryan Voyles

Jerome Bettis is from Detroit, the sun rises in the East and Favre comes out of retirement again. Ho-hum. If I was a Packers fan, I would feel kind of betrayed. I mean first news comes out last year that he gave the Lions plays to beat the Packers … and now he joins the Vikings? Favre is just out to shove it in Green Bay’s face. No surprise here at all.

-Derek Robbins

There is absolutely no surprise here at all. The real surprise will come when he actually does retire. I think his goal is to see how many times he can get his name in the sports headlines each summer, then try to top it the next summer. He’s kind of like the Rickey Henderson of football. About 10 years from now he will be making yet another comeback in some irrelevant football league that is yet to exist.


-Stile T. Smith