Monkeys go dark

By Gus Bode

Arctic Monkeys


Release Date: 8/25


Record Label: Domino

Rating: B

Arctic Monkeys’ frontman Alex Turner exudes confidence and a certain high society swagger.

So, tapping Josh Homme of desert-rockers Queens of the Stone Age to produce a majority of the band’s new tracks should not play to the band’s strengths. However, Homme’s darker musical leanings has given the band an edge previously unheard on Monkeys’ releases.

‘Humbug’ winds along, as signature Monkeys’ angular guitars deftly punctuate the record’s shadier sound.

These tracks are not inherently reminiscent of Homme’s sound, but the man’s recording touch has given the Arctic Monkey’s a new lease on indie rock life. This record will not draw the same insane internet buzz as the band’s debut, but it does hint at an interesting future.

Unlike a majority of the retro-rock revivalists that sprang up around the time of the Monkeys’ debut, the band is pushing the boundaries of its sound.


For this, and the fact that the band has successfully branched out are reasons for commendation. If not for the whole of this record then for the possibility of great tunes to come.

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