Banter: What are the ugliest Unis you’ve seen?

By Gus Bode

The Seattle Seahawks unveiled alternative jerseys on Sunday to much derision from fans and media. What is the worst jersey you have ever seen?

This one is a no brainer; it has to be the one-time only White Sox jerseys in 1976. I mean really, shorts and collared shirts? What were they thinking? And eww, navy blue and white do not go together. Someone with any kind of fashion sense obviously did not design them.

-Ryan Voyles


In the 1980s, the Vancouver Canucks were wearing these hilarious jerseys with a giant V pattern. The V was orange and yellow on a black background and kind of stuck out like a sore thumb. The problem? It didn’t exactly look like a hockey jersey. It looked like an over-sized shirt their grandmothers bought them. If the V wasn’t there, I imagine the Canucks would have forgot which team they played on, eh? Well, I guess if the Panthers were looking for a way to get rid of Jake Delhomme’hellip;

-Derek Robbins

What the Denver Nuggets wore from 1981-85 was atrocious. It was navy with dark green trim on the side and white mountains on the front. In front of the mountains were multi-colored buildings that looked like Lego creations.’ Because that wasn’t ugly enough, they wrapped a rainbow around the whole jersey. I am pretty colorblind as it is, but these jerseys had me wishing I saw in only black and white.

-Jeff Engelhardt