Banter: Will ‘Pacman’ Jones make it Back to NFL?

By Gus Bode

Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones has signed a deal to play with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, a Canadian Football League team. Do you think he can come back to the NFL some day?

The guy is still only 25 years old and has potential to be a great corner. Besides, I do not think they ‘make it rain’ in Canada, so he should be pretty good on that front. Unfortunately, one of the craziest owners in the NFL already cut him earlier this year, but as long as Al Davis remains alive, Jones has a chance in the NFL.

-Ryan Voyles


Well, good for him I guess. I remember when Ricky Williams was exiled from the NFL to ‘discover himself.’ He went to Canada and that worked well enough for him. Perhaps Pacman will find his way back to the NFL if the spirit of Canada goes inside of his body. If all else fails, well, Pacman could always go back to wrestling. That’s an industry where the behavior he is accustomed to is not only allowed, but encouraged! Plus, I’d love to see Pacman eat a chair shot.

-Derek Robbins

Well, if Kurt Warner can come from the AFL, then I guess anything can happen. He must like the cold weather to go up to Canada. If he finds out Canada isn’t the place for him and he still has the football skills, he’ll be able to find work.

-Ryan Simonin