H1N1 virus reported at SIUC

By Gus Bode

Swine flu has officially hit the university.

Dr. Ted Grace, director of the Student Health Center, said the university’s first case of swine flu was reported Thursday morning. The affected student, a 20-year-old sophomore, tested positive for type A influenza and has been advised to self-isolate in his house, he said. Grace said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Jackson County Health Department have both stated that because it is too early for the seasonal flu, any positive test for type A should be treated as part of the swine flu.

‘We feel like we’ve probably had H1N1 in the area, it doesn’t make sense that it’s all around us and we would be protected,’ Grace said. ‘So, it’s not surprising that we have cases.’


Grace said the Health Center is continuing to stress preventative measures for students such as covering mouths when coughing, washing hands frequently and cleaning commonly used items.

‘We’re not at any more of a threat this week than we were last week, this remains a mild infection,’ Grace said. ‘This is more just kind of an alert to the community that ‘yes it’s here, but we have things under control.”

The affected student has been advised to stay in isolation until at least 24 hours after his fever disappears without use of medicine, Grace said.

Grace said the seasonal flu vaccines are available now, but the H1N1 vaccines will not be available until late October or November.

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