University Museum searches for funding

By Gus Bode

The University Museum is not immune from the university’s budget woes and is beginning to charge an admission fee to the general public in an effort to regain lost money.

Dona Bachman, director of the University Museum, said the museum receives funding from the university and with substantial campus-wide budget cuts, the museum needed to generate more revenue.

Bachman said some grants help fund the museum, but outside of the university’s provided funding, all other costs must be paid for through independent efforts, such as donations.


For the museum’s exhibit of Ansel Adams’ photography coming in January, Bachman said budget cuts have forced them to charge a fee for the first time in order to offset security, conservation and promotion costs, though students will still be given free access.

‘Ansel Adams is probably one of the most famous photographers of the 20th century,’ Bachman said.

Bachman said Adams played a huge role in advancing photography’s portrayal of appreciation for nature. Such works of art eventually inspired the creation of national parks, she said.

Bachman said the museum has been actively searching for donations in an effort to offset budget cuts and most donations are from museum members. Many potential visitors don’t know about the museum because of its fairly hidden location in Faner Hall, Bachman said.

Curator of Exhibits Nathan Steinbrink said the museum holds a total of about 100,000 artifacts. Steinbrink said many of the exhibits that come through there might not be displayed again for years to come.

Museum employee John Stewart, a junior from St Louis studying history and anthropology, said he is heavily involved in work at the museum for class assignments. He said students gain experience and learn about what goes into museum design.

Bachman said the museum hosts multiple events all year, including presentations of famous artists and poets as well as current faculty, students and alumni.


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