Yesteryear Tobacconists

By Gus Bode

Bruce Perschbacher re-lights his pipe in-between customers at his shop, Yesteryear Tobacconists, Monday. Perschbacher has been in the tobacco business since 1971 and has been smoking since he was 16. ‘I’m a firm believer in moderation,’ he said in reference to smoking.

Perschbacher is able to smoke in his shop due to a grandfathering clause in the recent public smoking ban. All of the tobaccos in the shop are pure tobacco. Perschbacher does not deal in commercial tobacco, instead special ordering from smaller growers and blending all of his bulk tobaccos himself. Beyond tobacco, Perschbacher is an avid rugby fan, having played the sport off and on since college.

His store displays much of his and SIU’s rugby memorabilia including trophies, framed photos and newspaper articles. He often has former players come just to se the display that occupies much of the stores wall space.