Banter, 6/14

By Gus Bode

While LeBron James was in front of the Heat’s offensive categories in the first three quarters of the six games in the 2011 NBA Finals, he was among the least productive players in the fourth.  Do you think his down-turn was due to being unable to handle the pressure?

Cory: “I think pressure got the best of him in the finals.  The Heat set the expectation bar to the highest rung at the beginning of the season, and I think that came back to be his, and perhaps the team’s, worst enemy.”

Terrance: “I don’t think the pressure got to him. LeBron just doesn’t have that killer instinct and the will to lead his team to victory. He needs to give up his passive mentality and create a killer’s mentality before he can be considered one of the all-time greats.”


Gus Bode: “Throughout Game 6, the entire Miami line-up was slow to react to the Mavericks’ clever game-play.  To focus on LeBron James’ sole performance and imply it had a huge role in the outcome does a disservice to Dallas.  He still had a great season, but in the final moments, the Mavericks were just better.”