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Whitney Way

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Head: Student center brings all students together


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The Student Center is the heart of the university where students gather to learn, laugh and seek on-campus refuge from class.

Within the Student Center lyes a bookstore, bowling, a craft shop, over 10 restaurants and an auditorium. It hosts various events throughout the school year to entertain and educate.

“Students come to the Student Center to attend events, to study and to socialize,” Lori Stettler, director of the Student Center, said. “Students can use the Student Center for anything they want.”

Dawgs Nights Out, an event that will consist of laser tag, a comedy show, a movie night and a hypnotist, will be the first of many events provided by the center.


The Student Center is located in the middle of campus and one of the most high traffic areas on campus.

Carl Ervin, multi cultural department coordinator of student development, said the student center is where students can interact with people they do not usually come in contact with.

“At Southern, diversity is everywhere,” Ervin said.

Ervin said SIUC has a large percentage of different minorities and the Student Center is where many events where the interaction of different people occur.

“Diversity doesn’t just mean age, race or gender it means where a person is from, religion, class,” Ervin said. “Students will meet people from all categories of diversity at SIUC.”

Brandon Burton, a senior from Country Club Hills studying education, said he visits the Student Center to meet up with friends after class.

Burton said he passes through the Student Center everyday to get to his classes. He said the Student Center became the most familiar campus building during his freshman year.

“As a new student, the Student Center was were I meet a lot of my friends I know today,” Burton said. “It’s a big part of every student’s college life.”