Daily Bark 8/30/11

By Gus Bode

In Sunday’s 100-meter final at the World Championships in South Korea the world’s fastest sprinter, Usain Bolt, who won with a time of 9.58 in the 2009 World Championship, was disqualified because of a false start. With the zero-tolerance rule enacted last year it was Bolt’s fellow Jamaican, Yohan Blake, who won the championship. Do you think the new one-and-done rule, made for fans and general television, is the best approach for the sport?

Cory: First off, how appropriate is it that the world’s fastest man’s name is Bolt? Secondly, it is minute fractions that set record-holders apart from one another. I think this zero-tolerance rule is going to do nothing but potentially eliminate the best from the sport’s biggest stage.

Kevin: For a player to be disqualified for one false start seems somewhat harsh, especially in an event that lasts only about 10 seconds, and success is contingent on a quick start. While Yohan Blake certainly deserves credit for his victory, Usain Bolt is the world’s fastest sprinter and for him to be disqualified for one false start certainly dampers the event’s legitimacy.


Joe: With something as simple as a false start, the penalty doesn’t need to be as severe. It’s like if I got fired for spelling a word worng.

Gus: Rules are put in place for a reason.  These guys are professional athletes and have been doing this all their life.  They should be able to control themselves until they hear the gun signal the beginning of the race.  Anyways I’m sure after Usain’s frustration he is happy for Yohan Blake, and is ready to show the world his dominance in the summer olympics next year.