Saluki passionate about more than just the game

By Gus Bode

Senior wide receiver Cam Fuller jumps for a catch during the North Dakota State home game Oct. 8 at Saluki Stadium. Fuller leads the Salukis’ passing game with 438 yards and two touchdowns.

Division I student athletes live through a different college experience than the average student.

College athletes find themselves tied to the game and dedicate their lives to competition, practice and hard work for four years, but there are more life experiences to be had than football for Saluki wide receiver Cam Fuller.


Fuller, a senior from St. Louis studying radio-televison, said he has played football since he was 11 years old and it has helped him grow and develop into who he is today.

Though Fuller said he loves the game, he said he likes to do other things besides football all day, every day.

“Too much anything will kill you,” Fuller said with a laugh.

Besides football, Fuller said he likes to do things that most people wouldn’t expect college athletes to do.

Fuller is a model for Failure Is Not An Option when your Real Initiative Oriented, a clothing line established in July 2007. The FINAOrio Movement is meant to inspire uniqueness and applaud determination through fashion, according to the clothing line’s website.

Fuller said being involved with FINAOrio is a major relief from football and allows him to be around other college students.

“I got behind the movement after learning more about the clothing line,” he said.  “They welcomed me with open arms and showed me mad love. That’s my family, and I’m grateful to have met them.”


FINAOrio vice president Charles Harris said Fuller is always humorous and has taught him to laugh instead of getting angry quickly.

“Cam is great at taking the stress out of serious moments with a simple joke or a funny dance,” Harris said. “Cam is a great leader in everything he does; he likes to take the lead and keep a group focused but have fun at the same time.”

Fuller also hosts SIU’s ‘Rude Radio Show’ at  theWIDB radio station. He said this is another outlet for him to express his sense of humor.

“My co-host Kanika Blair approached me with the opportunity and I jumped,” Fuller said. “We do a lot at the station. We try to entertain everyone and keep people involved in what’s hot and what’s going on.”

Fuller’s humorous personality has latched onto his teammate, nose tackle Kayon Swanson, who said Fuller is a funny guy with a huge heart.

“He has a unique sense of taste that most people our age don’t, but he’s a clown with a lot of jokes,” Swanson said. “I consider Cam my brother and my best friend.”

Fuller said he may give stand up comedy a try someday.

Despite being a 6-foot-3-inch, 189-pound football player, Fuller isn’t fearless. He said he’s terrified of clowns.

“I hate them, and they scare me,” Fuller said. “As a kid, I couldn’t stand the sight of them.”

Fuller said being a collegiate athlete on the field and a regular individual off gives him a good feeling because he knows his personality and sense of humor have helped impact other people’s lives.

“I have kids and parents come up to me all the time while I’m in the grocery store shopping,” Fuller said. “They’re always telling me about how they respect me and look up to me. I take pride in my image, and I want it to continue to be a good one.”