Win or lose, seniors roll with it

By Gus Bode

With the sounds of pins clashing and hands clapping, one thing is clear at S.I. Bowl: Senior league is in session.

S.I. Bowl hosts a variety of different leagues for men, women, youth and seniors, but Tuesday afternoons are reserved for the senior warriors. The senior warriors, a league of ten teams with three to four players each, is open to anyone older than 55.

This year, two teams, High Ball and Grasshopper, have proven they are a force to be reckoned as they’ve earned the top two rankings of the league.


High Ball, the No. 1 team of the league, finished the first half of the tournament with 46 points, ahead of the Grasshoppers by seven points.

In this bowling league, points are awarded per game. To gain points, each team plays three games, gaining a point for each game won. The team with the most pins at the end of the day gets an additional point, for a possibility of four total points per day.

Senior warriors began Aug. 23 and will end April 17. Yesterday marked the end of the first half of the tournament, with High Ball winning first place.

The second half of the tournament will begin Tuesday as each team’s points reset to zero. If High Ball wins the second half of the league, they will be league champions.