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By Gus Bode

At the SIU Board of Trustees meeting Thursday the board ratified the contracts for the remaining unions on campus.

The unions have been negotiating terms of the contracts with the administration since June 2010 when the previous contracts ended.

Additional funding for the new student services building was approved and Chancellor Rita Cheng presented a new housing plan.


SIU President Glenn Poshard said the board ratified the unions’ contracts unanimously.

He said while the Student Services building was previously going to have a half basement, it’s now in the plans to make it a full basement for more storage and office space. The board passed the additional funding of $2 million for the building.

Poshard said the board will look over Cheng’s new housing plan for the next several months. The 10-year plan includes building new dorm residences before tearing down the Brush Towers, he said. It also includes tearing down and rebuilding the housing on Greek Row and consideration of an emeritus retirement area in Southern Hills.