Students study for finals week

By Gus Bode

With final exams a week away, many students are focused on their study schedules.

Morris Library will offer extended hours from Friday to Dec. 16, but some students don’t take advantage of the library’s extended hours or resources, said Hillary Huber, research assistant in Library Affairs.

Lindsey Kirk, a freshman from Batavia studying exercise science, said she has never been to the library and does not plan on going any time soon.


Megan Ryan and John Schumacher, center, seniors studying speech communication and public relations, work on a project Sunday at Morris Library. Beginning Friday, the library will have special hours to help students prepare for finals and complete projects. Sarah Gardner | Daily Egyptian

“I’ve never had a reason to go,” she said. “I do all of my studying in my room or in the hub lounge of my dorm. Also, I just don’t want to walk all the way there, especially if it is cold or rainy outside.”

But Huber said she does see an extreme rise in the number of students who visit the library during finals week.

“The library starts to become packed with students studying for finals around this time every semester,” she said Sunday. “Still, I know there are so many students who do not take advantage of our resources and extended hours.”

Morris Library has a Writing Center, tutoring centers, a math lab, computers and equipment, study areas and research assistants.

Danielle Roszko, a freshman from Chicago studying early childhood education, said she sometimes visits the library.

“I have been there to use some of the resources like the Writing Center and tutoring, but I have never gone just to study,” she said.


Roszko said she knows many people who have never been to the library.

“I don’t know anyone who goes to the library just to study,” she said. “I think it’s a great opportunity, I have just never taken advantage of it. I know it’s there and I might as well be using it, I have just never taken the initiative to go over there.”

Roszko said she is going to try studying for finals at the library.

Benjamin Wuelling, an undecided freshman from Valmeyer, said he never thought he would use the library during college, but goes at least once a week.

“It is the easiest place for me to study,” he said. “I pack up all of my work and just sit in there alone for hours.”

Wuelling said he prefers studying in the library rather than his residence hall because there are fewer distractions.

“Trying to study in my dorm is the worst,” he said. “There are always people being noisy in the hallway, my friends are always stopping by to say hi and my room just has a lot of distracting stuff in it. I know I will be spending majority of my time (in the library) during finals week.”

Wuelling said he is an avid user of the library’s Writing Center.

“I use the Writing Center every time I have a paper due,” Wuelling said. “It is such a helpful resource for me. Now I think of it as if I didn’t use the Writing Center, I would just be accepting a bad grade.”

Kirk said the Writing Center is the only resource she is aware of.

“I only know about the Writing Center because my English teacher advocates using it so much,” Kirk said. “I’ve never felt the need to use it, though, because I already get decent grades on my papers.”