Police investigate battery incident

By Sarah Mitchell

An aggravated battery incident broke out in the driveway of Cory Hebbeler’s Mill Street home Monday around 3 p.m. An unidentified suspect was observed hitting an unidentified woman, according to a Carbondale police report.

Hebbeler, an undeclared graduate student from Thompsonville, said he heard the disturbance from the bedroom of his 608 W. Mill St. residence and went outside to yell at the suspect to stop. After a verbal exchange, the suspect began fighting with Hebbeler and threatened to get a gun.

Hebbeler said he called 911 as the suspect began battering Hebbeler’s friend, Abbey Greenberg, with a stick found on the ground when she was approaching Hebbeler’s back door. Greenberg, a senior from Vernon Hills studying university studies, sustained injuries to the eye. Greenberg was treated at the Memorial Hospital of Carbondale for non-life threatening injuries.


The suspect and the first victim left the area together and were not located, according to the report.

Carbondale police are investigating the incident.

Hebbeler said it was lucky he had his window open and was immediately aware of the incident.

“It’s not like I was going to let this girl get beat up,” he said.