Secondary Modern releases fifth album tonight at Hangar 9

By Caleb Motsinger

When the sunset concert’s crowd clears, Secondary Modern will take the stage at Hangar 9  tonight for the release of their self titled fifth album.

Brothers David and Danny Brown, both from Marion, along with Matt McGuire, from Herrin, make up the three-piece area rock band Secondary Modern.  The band’s clever lyrics and tight musicianship make up for any doubts McGuire might have with the message, or lack there of, conveyed in their upcoming album.

“If you want a message then go to church,” he said. “Let it be known that our words are meaningless.”


The album will be released tonight as a 12″ vinyl with a CD included in the package. Area engineer and musician David Allen, best known as the sound guy at Hangar 9, helped the band put the record together last winter.

David Brown said a fusion of Allen’s production ideas and their own helped to make this album stand out above the rest.

“Our sound has changed in pretty much every record,” David Brown said. “This record probably sounds the weirdest though, it’s a pretty personal album.”

After tonight’s release party the band will begin to prepare for a month of touring in September, but for now the work put in on their fifth album is finished and the stage is set at Hangar 9 for a three piece band set to premiere their weirdest album yet.