Letter to the Editor November 14, 2012

Veterans Day honors those who have and continue to fight to protect our freedom each and every day. This was made clear in Monday’s Daily Egyptian cover story.

However, scrolling through the paper I noticed a picture that was simply appalling. With the caption that reads “Ritual of Respect,” the picture shows a little boy throwing a large number of American flags into a fire.

The way that this act was taken in with the use of this particular picture is 100 percent wrong.


I am an Eagle Scout and have taken part in flag retirement ceremonies with the Boy Scouts for the past 10 years. In that time, I have taken part in these ceremonies to retire up to 2,500 worn or tattered American flags in a given year. Each of those flags, no matter the size, was given the utmost respect to its own ceremony with the Scout sign and silence given to each.

Once the flags were all retired in their designated area, the ashes were collected and buried. The remaining metal from the grommets are moved to another location and buried so they are not distrubed.

Having this picture in the Daily Egyptian for students, faculty and community members to see is incorrectly portraying how worn or tattered American flags are properly retired. Quite blatantly, that upsets me, not only an Eagle Scout but an American citizen who honors the American flag to its final day.


senior from Springfield

studying Plant and Soil Science