To our readers:

By Sarah Schneider

Welcome to the Weekender, a three-section newspaper the Daily Egyptian will publish each Thursday.

This is our opportunity to present news in a different way. We aim to provide more in-depth news stories and features, highlight our photographers’ and designers’ work and give you a newspaper you’ll want to read.

The news section will consist of longer, more in-depth news and feature stories as well as news you would find in the DAILY EGYPTIAN. We will also have a weekly section that features either a Registered Student Organization or a Greek organization.


The Pulse section will have regular movie and album reviews. Local music, art and theater productions will also be featured.

The sports section will contain mostly feature stories on Saluki athletics.

This semester, we’ll publish one more edition of this work in progress, but look for the Weekender every Thursday in the spring semester.

We will also stop printing a Friday newspaper in January.

Both commercial and student newspapers have cut days of print production recently as the news business has continued to evolve.

The Daily Egyptian, which is supported entirely by advertising, faces the same constraints as virtually every other newspaper in the country. Rather than simply dropping a day and leaving it at that, we want to give you something more.

That’s why we’re producing the Weekender.


We hope you like it and share your suggestions, ideas and comments.

Feel free to email me at [email protected].