Carbondale pizza: diverse as campus

Carbondale pizza: diverse as campus

By Joren Apiquian

With the variety surrounding Carbondale, it is no wonder there are so many pizza places around town.

Whether it is a continuation of a franchise or a locally run restaurant, Italian restaurants’ abundance thrives in this city.

Like most places, Carbondale has many franchise restaurants within its borders. Not only does this keep students’ taste buds accustomed to pizza they have experienced before, it also allows penny-pinching students to maintain a budget while still satisfying their hunger.


For the more adventurous and experienced customer, Carbondale inhabits restaurants that can put a hungry stomach to bed. Pizzerias such as Quatro’s, Primo’s and Pagliai’s give customers a taste of the more succulent side of pizza.

Among student opinion, Quatro’s pizza seems to be the most desirable in Carbondale.

With the company’s signature deep-pan pizzas, it is undoubtedly a Carbondale staple. They also provide dishes that can fulfill anyone’s pizza fantasy. A significant component in their pizza-making methods is the lengths they go to make sure that the cheese is as close to the edge as possible.

For a vegetarian customer, Quatro’s provides a Vegetarian Delight dish topped with green peppers, onions, mushrooms and smothered with extra cheese.

The company also serves a dish for those who crave beefy and porky courses with their Meateater Bonanza pizza. This pie is sautéed with beef, sausage, pepperoni and extra cheese to please any carnivorous craving.

Dominique Weathersby, a manager at Quatro’s, said the restaurant appreciates the campus’ proximity to the restaurant.

“They drive our business and we rely on them heavily,” Weathersby said.


Jenna Giglio, a freshman from Gurnee studying psychology, said one Quatro’s dish to be one of her favorite food delights that

Carbondale has to offer. “Their chicken alfredo pizza is absolutely

phenomenal,” she said. “It is my favorite kind of pizza and I’m happy that Quatro’s has it on their menu.”

Although she found Quatro’s to be her personal preference, another pizza restaurant provides Giglio’s admired dish.

George Furman, a freshman from Skokie studying business management, said Quatro’s is the perfect accommodation for his pizza cravings.

“The fact that I’m a college freshman,” he said. “I want good food, but at a decent price and that is what makes it stand out from other local and chain restaurants.”

Primo’s Pizza, on East Park Street, makes their pizzas with fresh vegetables and hand- tossed dough to guarantee wholesomeness to their consumers. They also have restaurants in Murphysboro and De Soto, making Primo’s popular throughout southern Illinois. It is also a popular destination for freshmen who stay in residence halls on campus’ east side

because of its convenient proximity to their living quarters.

Primo’s serves exotic dishes and has a wide variety on their menu, which gives the restaurant’s customers a wide selection to please their appetites.

One of Primo’s specialty pizzas is the Honey Chicken Pizza. This original dish is served with grilled chicken, sweet sauce, green peppers and onions with cheese succulently spread across the condiments.

The Hawaiian Volcano pizza is another one of Primo’s many dishes. The dish includes pineapple, Canadian bacon, jalapeños, onions and bacon and served to the customer’s requested delight.

Brian Liabl, a freshman from Romeoville studying computer sciences, has taken interest in what the restaurant offers has to offer. He found Primo’s closeness to his dorm not only suitable, but also satisfying for his wallet and stomach.