Why I Don’t Feel Sorry for Catholic Women

The Religious Right, and especially the Catholic church, have been out in force this week to lambast the president’s plan to have employers cover contraception in their health insurance. This should honestly 
not come as a surprise to anyone, yet all of the sudden the panicked voices of Catholic women sparked up after the news was released. Why?

As it turns out, according to a 2011 study by the Guttmacher 
Institute, 98% of sexually active catholic women are on, or have used,
birth control at some point in their lives.

 It gets better: the Obama administration proceeded to offer a
compromise that would allow religious institutions to be exempt from
the law, and force insurance companies to pick up the tab in

But just recently, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops
 decided to reject the White House’s compromise too, and now female
 employees of religious institutions are forced to go without 
institutional access to birth control that is in many cases used for
 medicinal purposes rather than simply as a contraceptive — and now these
 women are angry and betrayed by the institution that they have devoted 
themselves to.

I couldn’t care less. 

These women have supported the stripping of rights away from the
 general populace of other women for ages. Whether it be stances
 against Planned Parenthood, sex education, abortion, or gay and 
lesbian rights, the Catholic church has rigidly hard-lined its
 opposition to what many consider basic human rights.

Yet, now that the 
focus has come home and the target is now on their own backs, these
 women decide to speak up and show outrage?

How dare they.

The Catholic church has never once balked at its patriarchal stances 
and archaic views of women in society, and these employees have gone 
along with it just fine — until now.

It was acceptable for the Church 
to play politics with the lives of women so long as they were against
 the godless liberals at Planned Parenthood, but now that the focus has 
turned to their own base they speak out that this system is unjust?

The women of the Catholic church need to realize that they cannot have 
it both ways; they need to either make a serious motion for real 
change in their institution, or keep their heads down and continue to 
support the system as it is, for all its disdain toward women all over the world, themselves included.

Victor French
junior from Naperville studying music business

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