The best of both worlds collide with ‘Street Fighter X Tekken’


“Street Fighter” and “Tekken” characters come together to deliver one of the best fighting games around with “Street Fighter X Tekken.”

With gorgeous graphics and great 2D-fighting mechanics, developer Capcom has created a fighting game likely to please fans of both series.

Game play is similar to Capcom’s other 2D fighter, “Super Street Fighter 4,” but this time fights are two-on-two instead of one-on-one.

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Players choose two characters at the beginning of each match. During the fight they can pull off devastating combos by swapping to their second character during a series of attacks by their starting one. They can also swap out their primary fighter at any time their character is taking too much damage. The first tag team to knock out at least one character on the opposing team wins a round.

The game’s graphics are top-notch among other Capcom games such as “Marvel vs. Capcom 3” and “Super Street Fighter 4.” The cartoonish graphics give “Street Fighter X Tekken” a comic-book vibe.

While the characters are modeled in 3D, the game play is 2D, meaning players can only move their characters forward or backward.

However, this time the game features elements from the “Tekken” series as well.

For example, players can use the ground-bounce technique. This allows players to hit an opponent off a wall or the ground, which propels them back toward the player so they can continue a combo.

This feature works surprisingly well with the “Street Fighter” mechanics and should help make “Tekken” fans feel right at home.

Certain characters in the game have an infinite combo, which means if a player guesses wrong on one block attempt, he or she may just lose the match in one combo.

However, Capcom has confirmed it will be making a downloadable patch to fix many of the issues plaguing the game.

Fans of the fighting genre should give “Street Fighter X Tekken” a look. Alongside “Street Fighter 4” and “Mortal Kombat,” it is one of the few fighting games around that bring back memories of the arcade days.


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