Must-see series enhance the internet

In the age of digital media, fame is easily attainable for anyone with a creative concept and a video camera. Even for celebrities who have achieved fame in ways outside the inner workings of the Internet, a YouTube channel and some quick editing can ... Continue Reading →
Anthony lights up YouTube with inventions

Anthony lights up YouTube with inventions

Since the release of “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” in 1977, kids across the world have wished to own his or her own light saber. 36 years later, one SIU student has been digitally praised for making his own lasers, even though Star Wars was ... Continue Reading →

Americans undermine the power of social media

Video of Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony goes viral, but what does it accomplish? The following is a staff column and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Daily Egyptian: Americans are insincere. One minute, we’re tweeting about who should ... Continue Reading →

Anti-piracy bills should be revised to protect constitutional rights

Our Word   Two controversial anti-piracy bills under review by Congress do not adequately address the issue of online piracy without infringing on our constitutional rights to free expression on the Internet. Both bills, the House of Representative’s ... Continue Reading →
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