Doggy ale won’t wag my tail

It seems only appropriate that someone would create a form of America’s most popular alcoholic beverage for the nation’s most popular pet to enjoy with everyone else. It’s called Bowser Beer, and it is appropriate to share with your dog during any ... Continue Reading →

Weird Wood: Blood sacrifice sheds light on energy conservation

Lauraann Wood Daily Egyptian There’s nothing like a good finger cut to help us remember exactly how wasteful and disposable our society is. At least, that was U.S. designer Mike Thompson’s thought process when he decided to create a lamp that will ... Continue Reading →

Glassblowers contribute to artist’s musty musk

American artist Daniel Peltz’s idea for a new perfume sounds like it really stinks. Peltz, an artist-in-residence at Rejmyre Art LAB in Sweden, has turned his many hours of glassblower-observing into the next hopeful perfume line — made with the craftsmen’s ... Continue Reading →

Weird Wood: Condition scratches mystery illness surface

Medical mysteries can be some of the most intriguing things we encounter in the world, especially for one woman who is the only person known in the world to grow nails on her face. Actually, the nails don’t just grow out of 28-year-old Shanyna Isom’s ... Continue Reading →

Study suggests dinos’ digestion caused prehistoric pollution

It’s a little reassuring to know that prehistory suffered from the same environmental issues that the country still struggles with today. A recent study, published in the journal Current Biology, suggests that gassy dinosaurs are part of the reason ... Continue Reading →

Don’t make doomsday a lonely one

It could be the same romantic setup with you and mister or miss right: long slow walks, candlelit dinners and frightening movies as an excuse to get close and hold each other. The only difference is that those walks would be to the grocery store for non-perishable ... Continue Reading →

Deodorant can’t fix this pit

Here’s a question. What do livestock, humans and Lake Michigan all have in common? They all stand the chance of being swallowed by Earth. Picture that. A huge hole that just shows up out of nowhere and engulfs anything within its radius. While this ... Continue Reading →

U of I makes beeline to surprising findings

There has been some buzz in the air about what’s been happening in the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s research labs. It appears that honeybees have distinct personality traits that set them apart from each other, and these traits’ chemical ... Continue Reading →

Give your ex’s stuff the chance they don’t deserve

Almost every girl hates the part of a relationship when quits are called and all her ex’s stuff has to find a new home in a cardboard box on his doorstep. Well ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t always have to end like that anymore. Just put it all ... Continue Reading →

Give the gift that keeps people gagging

It’s a little too late for Valentine’s Day gift ideas, but there is nothing wrong with getting an early jump on April Fools’ Day. A company called PoopSenders lets people anonymously send animal feces to anyone they want through the mail, ... Continue Reading →

There is more than one way to carry a wife

Few things can get a husband moving quicker than his wife, some beer and a cash prize. It doesn’t matter whether her body is wrapped around his waist or she’s thrown over his back with her legs hooked onto his shoulders. So long as she doesn’t fall ... Continue Reading →

Honor one’s life with a bang

Families don’t have to keep their cremated loved ones on display in an urn if they don’t want to. Holy Smoke is a company in Stockton, Ala., that packs deceased loved ones’ ashes into bullets as a way to honor their nature-loving life by giving ... Continue Reading →
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