‘If I Stay’ should leave it to the book

When it comes to book adaptations, it seems only fair that they are judged solely on the film and not in comparison to the novel it comes from. With that in mind, “If I Stay” (Rated PG-13; 107 min) is still a terrible adaptation. “If I Stay” ... Continue Reading →

The ‘Fault’ is in the script, not the ‘Stars’

It was the famed comedian Bill Cosby who said, “If you can find humor in anything, even poverty, you can survive it.” That’s what writer John Green did when he wrote 2012’s “The Fault in Our Stars,” the blockbuster book which follows two teens, ... Continue Reading →

Beck shows vulnerability on ‘Morning Phase’

Singer and songwriter Beck has worn many different hats through the years, both figuratively and literally – to emote the direction he’s traveling musically. Imagine Beck in 1996 during the release of his most-recognized album, “Odelay” – a ... Continue Reading →

Must-see series enhance the internet

In the age of digital media, fame is easily attainable for anyone with a creative concept and a video camera. Even for celebrities who have achieved fame in ways outside the inner workings of the Internet, a YouTube channel and some quick editing can ... Continue Reading →

2013’s Top 10 albums run from rock to rap

10. Arcade Fire – “Reflektor” After months of making the late night talk show rounds, innovative marketing, interactive music videos, Arcade Fire have released their fourth album “Reflektor.” It’s an album for the night lurker. “Reflektor” ... Continue Reading →

Underneath the white light: Lou Reed remembered

Lou Reed died Sunday, leaving behind 50 years of influential rock ‘n’ roll music. Reed helped perpetuate the cool, collected attitude of rock music, particularly the avant-garde scene, through The Velvet Underground and years of experimental solo ... Continue Reading →

Run for the exit from ‘Escape Plan’

It really is curious why Hollywood is all of a sudden obsessed with ‘80s action again, especially when, as of late, these vehicles have tanked. Yes, “The Expendables” was popular. It was nostalgic to see all of those stars on screen in a movie that ... Continue Reading →

‘Fifth Estate’ takes time to pick up steam

For journalists who wish the truth were a lot more accessible, the idea of Julian Assange’s Wikileaks is a romantic one. For the government that must deal with its secrets being spilled, it is a nightmare. Director Bill Condon’s “The Fifth Estate” ... Continue Reading →

It’s still not a good idea to mess with ‘Carrie’

Some stories only need to be told once. Studios often forget this when they churn out the latest horror remake. 2006’s “The Wicker Man” was actually more of a comedy than a horror remake. 2009’s “Friday the 13th” did not take the franchise ... Continue Reading →

Star vehicle ‘Riddick’ too reliant on Diesel

  It’s been nine years since the last film featuring Vin Diesel as escaped prisoner Riddick hit theaters. In that time, the “Fast and the Furious” franchise has reignited. Each new Furious installment has been more popular than the last, beginning ... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Fandom

Fandoms are more than fanboys and fangirls “geeking out” over a television show or a movie. They’re interest based communities that surround a specific topic, like the popular BBC series Dr.Who or Marvel comic books. And as students become more ... Continue Reading →

Black Blacks gets ‘Tough’ on new E.P.

There is a sound on the horizon as well as the foreground, a sound that drives and stirs nostalgia into the wakefulness by day as well as within the dream under black night. This is the sound the Black Blacks create in their latest music. The band, which ... Continue Reading →

‘The World’s End’ makes apocalypse a lively affair

One typically doesn’t expect to find a gem in the dog days of summer. Hollywood has traditionally used the final two weekends of August to dump all the movies they think might be successful in summer but aren’t confident enough to release earlier. Hollywood ... Continue Reading →

Performers find their voices at open mic night

  Musicians, comedians and entertainment lovers gather every week to perform and listen to the talent Carbondale has to offer. Open mic night is an event that gives aspiring musicians and comedians the opportunity to take a chance, practice their ... Continue Reading →

’80s action revival should be terminated

Hollywood is a cyclical beast. Remakes probably are the most obvious example. When studios run out of original ideas, the audience ends up being subjected to the same stories told time and time again, but with different actors. One of the main problems ... Continue Reading →
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