Six things you should know about the ACA

A poster advertising an event to extensively explain the implications of the Affordable Care Act caught my attention. Taking place the day before election day on a college campus full of precocious young adults, one would expect this event to pique others’ ... Continue Reading →

Money troubles fall on students

This is  guest column written by SIU student Cody Ward. Time is money. We have all heard this expression on multiple occasions, and for many of the student workers here on campus, we are about to fully grasp its meaning. Three hours a week is what the ... Continue Reading →

Multiple exposures: four years of organized chaos

Creating a multiple exposure is a process in which several photos are taken and superimposed on each other to create one image. The light exposure is typically the same, but the position of the subject or subjects, changes. My experience at this newspaper ... Continue Reading →

Student media still necessary

Campus towns around the country are known for their diverse and active student populations that bring various cultures together in one place. For state schools especially — operating on the taxpayer’s dime — the university becomes the heart of the ... Continue Reading →

An open letter to the SIU community

Climate change is real and it is here. Rising seas and temperatures are fueling more powerful and destructive storms. Unpredictable precipitation patterns are making it more difficult to provide food for growing populations. Ecosystems and ways of life ... Continue Reading →

Vote Symone as NBA Commissioner

One of the most respected men in the history of the NBA, with the most important job in the game, has decided to retire and pass his torchto…? NBA commissioner David Stern made a huge impact on the game of basketball and has paved the way for ... Continue Reading →
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Editorial Cartoon – January 23, 2014

Editorial cartoon for January 23, 2014 About Opinion Desk Continue Reading →
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Editorial Cartoon – January 22, 2014

Editorial cartoon for January 22, 2014 About Opinion Desk Continue Reading →

Jezebel fixated on Photoshop fix

Vogue fashion magazine has released its February edition which features Lena Dunham, writer, director and actress on the HBO series “Girls,” as its front cover story. Shortly after the February issue was released Jezebel, a general interest women’s ... Continue Reading →
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Editorial Cartoon – January 16, 2014

Editorial cartoon for January 16, 2014 About Opinion Desk Continue Reading →
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Editorial Cartoon – January 15, 2014

Editorial cartoon for January 15, 2014 About Opinion Desk Continue Reading →
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Editorial Cartoon – January 13, 2014

Editorial cartoon for January 13, 2014 About Opinion Desk Continue Reading →

Daily Egyptian begins new chapter

When we started the Weekender in the Spring of 2013 our goal was to present the news in a different way. We wanted to highlight our designers and photographers in a way our traditional model did not always allow. We aimed to provide longer, more in-depth ... Continue Reading →
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Editorial Cartoon – December 12, 2013

Editorial cartoon for December 12, 2013 About Opinion Desk Continue Reading →
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