Reason #9,245,666 Facebook Sucks

  Video ads are coming to your news feed. That’s right, boys and girls. Every time you open Facebook, you’ll see this:     Yes, according to TechCrunch, Wired and other reputable (and some not so reputable) news sources, ... Continue Reading →

The death of the moderate Republican

Republicans just lost eight seats in the House. But if you’d wandered into the House of Representatives last week without reading the election returns, you might have concluded that the GOP won big on Nov. 6. “We have the second-largest Republican ... Continue Reading →

Women voters rejected extremism

Their Word The conventional wisdom holds that Todd Akin lost his chance to become a U.S. senator Aug. 19, the Sunday his “legitimate rape” remark went viral. That thinking is wrong for two reasons. First, his opponent, Claire McCaskill, was never ... Continue Reading →

Procrastination? I’m afraid I only know apathy

This is my fifth and last year at SIU. I have spent nine semesters of walking to classes, loosely obeying attendance policies and having a just-getting-by attitude. I’ve noticed that this is a prevalent disease about the campus — apathy. How many ... Continue Reading →

Post electorial America: There’s no whining in politics

Obama won the election. Romney lost. I didn’t watch it on television because I could care less. At about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday, I read a Facebook post stating “Four more years!” This was just the beginning. Everyone felt the need to express themselves ... Continue Reading →

Student voice for student fees

Guest Column As members of a political science senior seminar on democracy in education, we believe students should have a say in new fee approval. A proposal for a new fee increase to bring big events, student programs and concerts to campus was presented ... Continue Reading →

A vote against partisanship

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Republican and presidential nominee Mitt Romney surrogate, attracted attention recently for his remarks that praised President Barack Obama and the federal government for their ... Continue Reading →

’Tis the season: the politics of election season

Guest Column  It’s that time again! You may have been witnessing some argumentative conversations, closed-mindedness and completely one-sided Facebook posts. It comes once every four years, folks. We’re talking about the election season. Have you ... Continue Reading →

Politicians should listen to their voters on pensions

Guest Column It was in Illinois’ best interest that no significant action was taken on pensions during the Aug. 17 special session. That’s because Gov. Pat Quinn and other policymakers have been ignoring working families’ values and priorities, ... Continue Reading →

Everything I needed to learn, I learned from “Fancy Nancy”

Everything I needed to learn, I learned from “Fancy Nancy” By Josh Schatzle Carbondale resident I found some sanity this week in an unlikely place: “Fancy Nancy.”  Now before you rush to judgment, it bears mentioning that I have a daughter to ... Continue Reading →
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