Chicago’s Bloody Fourth

During the holiday weekend of the Fourth of July, what began as a time of celebration became a bloodbath brought on from gun violence. Cook County Medical Examiner Anthony Brucci confirmed a total of 17 dead and it was reported more than 60 people were ... Continue Reading →

’71 Saluki graduate a Hollywood success story

In the living room of a small Forest Street apartment in 1971, Dale White sat watching television with his friends. As the Mary Tyler Moore Show began, he turned to his friends and said, “Man, it’d be great to work on a show like that.” “You’d ... Continue Reading →

Government shutdown near; Chicago leads nation in homicides

Congress struggles to avoid government shutdown The Senate cleared a major hurdle Wednesday by voting to debate on a bill that would delay a government shutdown. The vote to begin debate on the bill was passed 100-0 and includes language about defunding ... Continue Reading →

Weekly Bark May 2, 2013

  The 2013 NBA playoffs provided fans with last-second buzzer-beating wins, exciting high scoring games and instances where the underdog defeats the clear favorite. With the first round of the NBA postseason drawing to a conclusion, what has been ... Continue Reading →

Freed man shares experience with Illinois Innocence Project

  Fourteen years, three months and 11 days. That’s the amount of time one Chicago man spent in prison. Even though he was released from prison more than five months ago, he didn’t truly receive his freedom until Friday when he received word his ... Continue Reading →

Championships are bought in the offseason

With spring training almost in the books, the Major League Baseball season is right around the corner and teams are perparing for a push toward October. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim were in many offseason headlines. The Angels acquired only four ... Continue Reading →

Students express college life through ‘The U’

Students on campus are using their creativity to express the distress and pleasures of life as a college student through TV. “The U” is a sitcom written, produced and directed by two senior students who seek to show audiences the joys and pains of ... Continue Reading →

Animal shelters shed light on kill and no-kill difference

Both kill and no-kill animal shelters play a role in keeping stray animals off of the streets, but the differences between the two can often be more than the names imply. Christy Anderson, director of Wright-Way no-kill animal shelter, said even though ... Continue Reading →

Mahlik Harris: A student remembered

Former SIU student Mahlik Harris will be remembered by friends and family as a person filled with positivity and ambition. “I want people to know that not every young black man that comes from Chicago is into killing and stealing. I want them to know ... Continue Reading →

McLeod Summer Playhouse set to open Friday in ‘Chicago’

With elaborate dance numbers and an abstract plot line, The McLeod Summer Playhouse’s version of Chicago will premiere July 6-8 and 13-15 at the McLeod Theater. Every summer for nearly forty years, the playhouse has hired actors and actresses from across ... Continue Reading →

Off-campus students see Carbondale for first time

Nearly half of the students enrolled in a university behavior analysis program had never met their on-campus classmates, professors or visited the campus until Friday. These students, who pursue their master’s degree as off-campus commuting students, ... Continue Reading →

Why the world hates Lebron James (And why I don’t)

Sports Column LeBron James is the best player in the NBA. He wins MVP trophies, goes to the finals (though no championships, yet), and has captured the hearts of basketball fans everywhere, only to smash them into a million pieces. For some, the latter ... Continue Reading →

‘Weeknd’ parties as music industry falls to pieces

Hear that sound on the Internet? It’s the death knell of the music industry. It’s been pretty easy to read the writing on the wall for a while now about where the music business is going. With album sales down and digital consumption (either legal ... Continue Reading →

Love story touches for all the typical reasons

True love may be able to exist once, but can it happen twice with the same two people? It was a cold and rocky road, but that’s the exact question “The Vow” promises to answer. Based on true events, the film sets the scene for viewers fairly quickly ... Continue Reading →
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