“Iron Man 3″ a solid start to summer

No matter how any audience member feels about “Iron Man 3,” the latest installment in the ever-expanding Marvel universe, there’s one thing everyone can agree on: Things get quite explosive. In “Iron Man 3,” Robert Downey Jr. reprises ... Continue Reading →

Cruise’s ‘Oblivion’ more confusing than exhilarating

Joseph Kosinski, the director of Tom Cruise’s newest sci-fi film “Oblivion,” certainly has no mercy for poor Earth dwellers. In Kosinski’s story, aliens come to attack Earth in the year 2017. Cruise’s opening monologue tells viewers we won the ... Continue Reading →

“42” hits a successful run

  42 2hr 8min‎‎ – Rated PG-13‎‎ – Drama With spring upon us and the baseball season’s start just a few weeks past, it seems to be the perfect time to release the next big baseball movie. “42” has slid into that spot. The ... Continue Reading →

‘G.I. Joe’ bombs expectations

There’s a point in “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” where the film’s true purpose becomes abundantly clear, and it’s in the first five minutes. Duke (Channing Tatum) and Roadblock (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) have just helped a North Korean defector ... Continue Reading →

“The Croods” a step up animation’s evolutionary chain

  The end of the world, as well as what comes after, seems to be a running theme this year on the big screen. Will Smith stars in this summer’s “After Earth,” in which Earth has become a forbidden zone inhabited by evolved monsters. Tom Cruise ... Continue Reading →

“Identity Thief” steals few laughs

Hollywood has embraced R-rated star vehicles as a new trend. Studio executives figure they can recycle any old script and make it fresh by adding a couple of big names to the marquee. Sometimes it works. “21 Jump Street,” with Jonah Hill and Channing ... Continue Reading →

‘Warm Bodies’ heats up zombie genre

Zombie films have a long and serious history: “28 Days Later,” “Night of the Living Dead” and “I Am Legend” are just a few examples. What’s not serious about walking corpses and the end of humanity itself? However, a mass of zombie comedies ... Continue Reading →

43 reasons to steer clear of ‘Movie 43’

“Movie 43,” an awkward sketch comedy unleashed upon unsuspecting viewers this weekend, has been declared the worst film of all time by several critics. Numerous A-list celebrities pack the film, but their star power can’t elevate its downright disgusting ... Continue Reading →

Complicated “Broken City” better off condemned

Mark Wahlberg has come a long way since the world associated him with the Funky Bunch. He starred in “The Departed” and “The Fighter,” but he has also led some stinkers such as “Planet of the Apes” and “Max Payne.” “Broken City,” Wahlberg’s ... Continue Reading →

‘Gangster Squad’ more brawn than brain

January is a traditional film “dumping ground.” Studios often save releases they feel are not holiday-season worthy and release them during this obscure month. Several new releases look to rise above the status quo and become diamonds in the rough, ... Continue Reading →

Council, citizens torn over panhandlers

After an hour-long debate on the issue of panhandlers, council members passed a revised ordinance that was created to push panhandlers away from businesses on the strip. The new ordinance makes it illegal for panhandlers to be active on any publicly owned ... Continue Reading →

Hollywood’s 2012 stinkers and stunners Film

Film critics often compile “Best of/Worst of” lists at year’s end, and “Sellouts” joins the tradition this year. Our lists cover action, comedy, drama and even horror film. Our hope is the reader will discover a new favorite within the list. ... Continue Reading →

Council to get strict with panhandlers

Council members will discuss the issue of panhandlers, how they negatively impact the city and a newly revised code geared toward a solution to the problem at tonight’s council meeting. Councilman Don Monty said panhandling has been a city issue for ... Continue Reading →

Disabled hunters let loose at environmental center

David Oost is a hunter with multiple sclerosis who has essentially lost the ability to hunt because of his disease’s effects. However, David and others like him had the chance to get back in the game this weekend with the help of some southern Illinois ... Continue Reading →

Nintendo leaps ahead of competitors with Wii U launch

And they’re off! While Sony and Microsoft remain content with their current console’s marketplace spot, Nintendo will take an early lead in the race to the next generation of home video game systems with the release of its new system, the Wii U. But ... Continue Reading →
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