Artist rediscovers self in ‘Re-collection’ exhibit

    One artist is rediscovering her passion for an art form she has worked with for 20 years and exhibited new work Friday at the University Museum. C.J. Niehaus, a graduate student in art from Cincinnati, displayed her thesis project in the ... Continue Reading →

Play brings to light cultural obsession with beauty

Greg and Steph might love each other, but they just can’t get along. The two, characters from Neil LaBute’s “Reasons to be Pretty,” helped make a statement last weekend about how physical appearance plays a huge role in today’s society. During ... Continue Reading →

Alt. news 26:46 takes home national award

  The staff of alt. news 26:46, a news magazine program produced by university students, went to the College Television Awards in Los Angeles Apr. 25 uncertain whether it would win its sixth accolade from the event. But the team had nothing to be ... Continue Reading →

“Injustice” brings justice to DC comic heroes

DC Comics has finally acquired a good videogame where Batman isn’t the center of attention. “Injustice: Gods Among Us” offers a deep and satisfying fighting system while bringing justice to DC comics characters who suffered from bad videogames. ... Continue Reading →

Selling Art: Organization helps artists

  A new organization is helping freelance artists connect with southern Illinois audiences that are interested in buying their art. Amanda Lilly, the founder and group organizer for Local Artists SO.IL, said her group’s goal is to market local ... Continue Reading →

3D doesn’t succeed as added film element

  “Jurassic Park” is the latest movie to fall victim to a gimmick Hollywood has been abusing lately — 3D. The movie came back to theaters April 5 and is another excellent example of a pointless attempt to popularize the 3D experience. Overall, ... Continue Reading →

Medieval fighter passes on his swordsmanship

Lothar Helgisson spent Easter Sunday doing what he said he does almost every Sunday — fighting and teaching. He strapped on his leather medieval combat gear — braces, helmet and self-made chest armor — grabbed his large shield and swordmade of Styrofoam ... Continue Reading →

Festival pulls back curtains on equality

One Registered Student Organization is using popular culture to highlight gender issues. Cinethesia, a student organization that looks to promote feminism by seeking ways to bring gender equality to film and other media, hosted its first feminist film ... Continue Reading →

Riffers critique media messages

As people entered the Marion Kleinau Theater Friday night, a stern movie usher gave them a long list of strict warnings. David Whitfield, the play’s usher and graduate student in speech communication from Cairo, said he would rid the audience of a chance ... Continue Reading →

‘Tomb Raider’ 2013’s best game yet

The new year has finally seen a game worthy of being nominated for best of the year. The company Crystal Dynamics released a “Tomb Raider” franchise reboot March 5. The game stands as the best in the series and impresses with its wonderful cinematic ... Continue Reading →

Perfomer depicts firsthand consumerism

Consumerism has made American citizens more like robots rather than human beings, and one performance artist is out to prove it. Amy Kilgard, a performer and professor at San Francisco State University, presented her show “Triskaidekaphobia: 13 Consumer ... Continue Reading →

Signs of ghostly incidents haunt Carbondale

When Bruce Cline is not working night shifts at Carbondale Memorial Hospital, he occasionally hunts ghosts. Cline, the founder of The Little Egypt Ghost Society, said while investigating old areas on campus and collections of old newspaper archives, he ... Continue Reading →

Big Muddy film fest

Action, explosions and hot girls bombard many of the films being shown in Hollywood. Most movies produced for mainstream audiences are focused less on real societal problems and more on giving viewers enough eye candy to keep them in their seat. However, ... Continue Reading →

‘Dead Space 3’ suffers from identity crisis

The “Dead Space” video game series has built its reputation over the years by scar- ing players with terrifying environments and creepy space creatures. However, “Dead Space 3” focuses more on action-oriented experiences than its horrifi- cally ... Continue Reading →

Art reception expresses area social conflicts

The portraits and paintings of great floods and people long dead lined The Surplus Gallery’s walls Friday night for the art exhibit “Evicted From Heaven and Earth.” The exhibit’s three undergraduate artists displayed their creations to audiences ... Continue Reading →
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