Students and staff talk discuss necessary campus improvements

The Daily Egyptian asked students and civil service workers what improvements they would like to see for the university.


Kathrin Birchler, a graduate student from Germany in recreation,

“I wouldn’t mind a little bit of a walk, but if I am paying for a parking sticker then I should be able to find a parking spot.”


Carlton McLemore, a senior transfer student from Caruthersville, Mo., studying speech communication,

“There were different services that I needed (as a transfer student) and wasn’t aware of until late in the game. If I had known about them right when I came, my life would have been a lot easier.”


Ty Rendleman, a senior from Wolf Lake studying radio-television,

“Show us that you’re (the administration) using our money to benefit us, not build unnecessary buildings.”


Kimbra Frost, a librarian from Morris Library,

“Students really need to be walked through their first few weeks here. It calls for more individualized and personal help for first-year students.”


Theresa Daniel, a junior from Chicago studying exercise science,

“Better classroom conditions … In one of my classes the roof is leaking, and in three others there are not enough desks for all students to sit in.”


Ron Dunkel, craft shop coordinator

“One thing the university is trying to do is attract a higher level of students here to campus, but maybe we don’t need to attract a higher level of students but lift our student body to a higher level.”


Jordan Mays, a freshman from Philadelphia studying-radio television,

“I would like to see the students become more united … We’re all so diverse and live in this great era where coming together is promoted, yet I find this campus, for the most part, still segregated.”


Ben Harbaugh, a senior from Hume studying forestry,

“Students should volunteer around campus to make it better looking. If we want to live on a nice campus then we have to make an effort. If you see litter then pick it up.”


Geremy Linnertz, a senior from St. Louis studying plant and soil science,

“I have no intention of going there (SIU Arena). This fee is not benefiting the students and I feel each person can pay if they want to go and sit at a game.”


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Ashley Zborek

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Hello, My name is Ashley and I am the Daily Egyptian's Online Editor. I started off at the DE as a campus reporter in fall 2011.

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