PUJOL returns to rock Hangar

Daniel Pujol is a man that is about his music.

He doesn’t require grandiose lavish sets; his wardrobe doesn’t cost more than your house, and his MySpace profile simply states: “I’m from Tullahoma, TN. Now I live in Nashville, TN.”

He is simply an artist by the people for the people. Despite his name being dropped in Rolling Stone, Spin Magazine and making an appearance at Bonnaroo in June, he hasn’t forgotten his initial support from the fellow musicians in Carbondale.

Daily Egyptian: What initially drew you to music and how long have you been playing?

Daniel Pujol: I think orchestra and marching band. I like the combined creative and work-minded aspect. I’ve been playing ‘‘music’’ since I was 13. I’ve been playing rock ‘n’ roll for about 4 or 5 years now.

DE:Your new record is called “United States of Being.” Where did the title come from?

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DP: Just how basically amazing it is that we all exist at the same time. Just sentience and life as a shared experience. It’s pretty far out and also completely normal. I wanted to write a narrative record that focused on the space between people within a shared experience. The songs focus on various kinds of relationships and situations between people, things and the social. The record also explores the limits and possibilities of contemporary attitudes and vocabulary used to describe and navigate all that groovy mumbo-jumbo.

DE: How has your style and sound changed since you first started off?

DP: Well, the longer I do this I slowly gain access to resources while learning how to use them. I would say I alternate between a glorified version of something I’m comfortable with then trying something new as a creative learning experience. Like fast-paced hifi recording for USB. So, the more I learn about the art, craft, and technology of music, the more the end result changes. I suppose it has changed alongside my environment. I want to refine and evolve the art in relation to my environment.

DE: There’s been a big emergence of alternative bands coming out of Nashville. What is the sound and scene like there?

DP: The scene here is pretty tidy and organized. Sort of like what David Allen and Co. do in Carbondale, but of course in Nashville. Check out Nashvillesdead.com. There’s a good handful of people in Nashville that love rock ‘n’ roll and care about sustaining an inclusive music scene.

DE: How would you describe the last few years since the release of your first record?

DP: Really hard work aimed at trying to earn enough material stability to maintain the space and equipment needed to make the kind of art I want to make. I’m still working towards that goal.

DE: You’re a strong vinyl advocate. Why do you prefer it?

DP: Making vinyl records is fun. I really, really, love it. On CDs, putting a CD inside of a vinyl record is cheaper than separately pressing CDs and vinyl. CDs are sort of an afterthought for me, but they are some people’s preferred medium. I say different strokes, for different folks. I’m a tactile dude. I like things I can touch and feel like I’m interacting with. Digital is fine too. It can travel via people easily. It’s not really any kind of analogue-only ideology. I just get more excited about making vinyl records.

DE: You’re going to some major cities on this tour like New York, Austin and Philadelphia. Why did you decide to make Carbondale one of your stops?

DP: Nick at Hangar 9 and David Allen are early supporters of my art. They’ve booked PUJOL throughout it’s various incarnations and have always been solid dudes. Carbondale is also just a generally neat place.

DE: You’ve played shows here in the past. What are they typically like and what are you looking forward to Friday?

DP: The shows are fun. I’ve met a lot of polite people and many of them seem to generally care about Carbondale as a place. That’s a great vibe to catch.

PUJOL will preform with Water Liars and Flowers of Evil, Friday Aug. 31 at Hangar 9.

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