Liam Neeson’s latest movie proves he’s better than Chuck Norris

The New Year starts off strong for moviegoers with the release of Liam Neeson’s latest film, “The Grey.”

It impresses with its stunning visuals, great character development and intense story. The combination of these things, along with an intriguing plot, makes the movie one of Neeson’s finest yet.

The movie follows a group of characters led by Ottway (Neeson) as they fight for survival in the wilderness of Alaska after a plane crash. With the shortage of food and shelter, things take a rocky turn when they realize the freezing elements may not be their only threat.

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Vicious wolves looking to defend their territory also pose a problem and it’s up to Ottway to guide the survivors to safety by overcoming some problems faced in his past.

On top of wolves and cold weather, the group also has to survive each other as their time starts ticking toward their deaths. All of this leads to an unpredictable ending, and also some problems which may not sit well with everyone.

The ending is great, and provides closure, but will not please everyone as it’s one of those endings the viewer will either love or hate.

Some of the action sequences happen so fast it’s almost hard to tell what is going on. These problems, however, are minor in what’s an otherwise great movie.

The visuals of the movie are one of the best parts. By gazing upon the snowy mountains and forests of Alaska, the film makes you feel as if you are actually there. Snowstorms and blizzards also help to bring the setting of Alaska to life and provide danger to the cast of characters.

Watching the characters progress in the film is the movie’s strongest feature. Seeing the progression of Ottway as a character isolated from the rest of the group around him to becoming their leader is inspirational, and the film does a good job of humanizing him and making him relatable.

Other characters are also well-developed. The wolves in the movie challenge perspectives of life as they stalk and terrorize the group. By the end of the movie, some characters even question if their life back at home is worth fighting for with death inching ever closer. This creates an intense environment that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the movie ends.

Every moment in the movie after the plane crash is intense and jaw-dropping. The wolves aren’t your ordinary wolves. They are relentless and volatile toward Ottway and the crew, and are what separate “The Grey” from other movies similar to it such as “The Edge” and “Cast Away.”

“The Grey” is an excellent movie that any fan of suspenseful thrillers or adventure should check out.

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