‘Silent Hill: HD Collection’ reminds gamers why they should be afraid of the dark

Gamers, be very afraid. The release of “Silent Hill: HD Collection” is sure to make you sleep with the lights on.


The game, which released on Mar. 20, features PlayStation 2 classics “Silent Hill 2” and “Silent Hill 3.”

The games were already scary before, but high definition graphics and better voice-overs make the stories of these games seem even more real.

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Though the visuals are now in HD, they don’t compare at all to the newer consoles today.

Voice-overs in the original games were laughable at best, but this time players are given the option to change the voice work of the game to better actors. All of these little improvements just add icing to the cake.

Those who played the original games shouldn’t expect anything new from a game play perspective. The games still have the same controls they had during their original releases.

This means there are still fixed cameras, which are made to make players unaware of what lurks around every corner when they hear something.

Some people have complained in the past about the movement of the camera and voiced frustration about the controls, especially since many  games left this type of control scheme behind in the last decade.

Moving your character is painfully hard. While the mechanics of these games worked out better in the early 2000′s, they don’t work quite so well now.

While the game’s ancient controls can’t be justified, they are the only bad part of “Silent Hill 2.”

Meanwhile, the camera functions to make players feel uncomfortable.

Many newer games in the survival-horror genre don’t do a good job of this. “Resident Evil 5” is a great example. It trades an intense, horrific experience with a more action-fueled play-through that features occasional scares.

“Silent Hill: HD Collection” reminds gamers of what survival-horror once was: scary, intense and story-driven.

“Silent Hill 2” is by far the best game in the series and has some of the most disturbing story elements in it. It follows the story of James Sunderland, who receives a strange letter from his deceased wife.

Unraveling the mystery of this tale leads to subjects such as sexual abuse and homicide. The game shows these themes for what they really are: disturbing and disgusting acts of crime.

However, “Silent Hill 3” features a plot that’s more difficult to follow. It still remains the scariest game in the series though, even with its convoluted plot. “Silent Hill 3” is an inadequate experience compared to its predecessor, but there is still some fun to be had.

“Silent Hill: HD collection” models how horror should be done in video games. For those who enjoyed the original makings of these games, prepare to be re-immersed into the world of survival-horror.

A decade after the games’ release, they still stand as the standard for the genre.

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