‘The Boxtrolls’ entertainment for the whole family

Stop motion animation films transcend the traditional idea of animation and produce something different and unique. Movies like “A Nightmare Before Christmas,” “Coraline” and “Frankenweenie” all marveled audiences on a technical level, while ... Continue Reading →

‘This Is Where I Leave You’ leaves much to be desired

When a movie features a star cast, one imagines the film has a chance to be good. Somehow, having an amazing line-up will disregard any other problems the film could have. “This Is Where I Leave You” (Rated R; 103 Mins) reminds us that a great cast ... Continue Reading →

‘The Maze Runner’ exceeds expectations

Hollywood likes to get stuck on trends. Its recent trend seems to be adaptations of young adult dystopian novels. With the successes of films like “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent” it might be a while before this trend ever stops. But even in ... Continue Reading →

‘A Walk Among the Tombstones’ is held together by Neeson

Some movies, while not perfect, are elevated by a singular aspect within the film, such as acting or directing. “A Walk Among the Tombstones” (Rated R; 113 min.) is one of those films. “A Walk Among the Tombstones” is a crime film directed by ... Continue Reading →

‘Dolphin Tale 2’ is forgettable

A theatrical sequel usually comes to films people have heard of. This does not mean the film has to be universally loved. Many terrible films are given terrible sequels. But for the most part, those films do not turn people’s heads in surprise when ... Continue Reading →

“No Good Deeds” is no good

No one should leave a movie emotionless. The film’s job is to evoke feelings within you. A lack of feeling means a movie did the bare minimum. “No Good Deeds” (Rated PG- 13; 84 min) is the bare minimum of what it takes to be a film. “No Good ... Continue Reading →

‘The Identical’ fails miserably

A serious drama is not supposed to make you laugh. It feels wrong. “The Identical”(Rated PG; 107 min) is one of those films. Every piece of dialogue, action — and sometimes even the music — all contribute to this unintentional laughter. “The ... Continue Reading →

‘The November Man’ comes way too late

Now is the time of fantastic spy thrillers. A genre once thought a casualty of the Cold War ending has risen from its own ashes and reinvented itself. A genre once thought silly and unrealistic, now is viewed as gritty and exhilarating. “The November ... Continue Reading →

‘As Above, So Below’ above average

Found footage horror films have divided movie going audiences. “The Blair Witch Project” was released in 1999 and blew away the box office. This allowed for found footage films to go from being a sparsely used gimmick, to its own subgenre. The release ... Continue Reading →

‘If I Stay’ should leave it to the book

When it comes to book adaptations, it seems only fair that they are judged solely on the film and not in comparison to the novel it comes from. With that in mind, “If I Stay” (Rated PG-13; 107 min) is still a terrible adaptation. “If I Stay” ... Continue Reading →

‘Magic in the Moonlight’ just ok

Woody Allen has directed many films in his long, and lustrous career, 49 to be exact. And in that career, the man has made a lot of amazing movies, some Oscar winners. He has made bad ones as well, but many of his most recent films have gotten stuck in ... Continue Reading →

‘Sin City’ sequel is an unoriginal sin

It is weird to think it has been nine years since the release of the original “Sin City.” The year was 2005. “Sin City” was released to the masses and is still a critically acclaimed film today. It wowed us with its noir style, interesting world ... Continue Reading →

‘When the Game Stands Tall’ falls short

Sports films have a long and inconsistent history. For the most part, sports films have an extensive line of successes. Consider “Raging Bull,” “Caddyshack” and “Friday Night Lights.”At best, sports films can bring out some of the best character ... Continue Reading →

‘Boyhood’ is a Masterpiece

Richard Linklater has had an odd filmmaking career. At times he is an indie darling, making acclaimed films like “Slacker,” “Before Sunrise” and “A Scanner Darkly.” At other times, he makes very mediocre commercial films like “School of ... Continue Reading →

‘The Giver’ has nothing to give

Sometimes, Hollywood can be a broken jukebox. It will occasional play something new and everyone will sigh in relief at something different, something fresh. But for the most part, it seems to be stuck on one song that plays over and over and over. One ... Continue Reading →
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