‘Whiplash’ is brutal and captivating

“Whiplash” is one of the most decorated films of 2014’s Oscars. It is nominated for Best Picture, Actor in a Supporting Role and Writing an Adapted Screenplay. Being an indie film, these nominations are an incredible feat. While the academy is not ... Continue Reading →

#IDARB is #fun

It all started with a red box. Developer Other Ocean tweeted a picture of red box and asked the people of the Internet what they wanted to see the box become. Some people asked for the game to have a ball. Some asked for robots. Some sick individuals ... Continue Reading →

Fall Out Boy continues to evolve with new album

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of the release of “From Under the Cork Tree” and the rise of a dominant force in modern rock, Fall Out Boy. With singles like “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down” and “Dance, Dance,” the band brought the pop-punk ... Continue Reading →

‘Foxcatcher’ wrestles way beyond weightclass

Anyone expecting a feel good sports drama out of “Foxcatcher,” did not see the trailer and will be sorely disappointed. The movie is not “Remember the Titians” or even “Warrior.” It is more of a soul crushing character study, like “Raging ... Continue Reading →

Oscar review part two

Common moviegoers who typically do not understand the process of sound or film editing constantly overlook the mechanics of a film. Many barely understand the duties of a director. Though not as well known, films would not be the same without excellent ... Continue Reading →

Oscar review part one

The Oscars are finally here. While the award show represents what many in the industry consider top tier filmmaking, people always criticize every pick the academy makes. The award show is known for being both a high mark in the industry and for being ... Continue Reading →

Top 10 anticipated games of 2015

Heading into a new year, gamers are rife with excitement and anticipation. A new year means a new slate of video games. Any problems of last year are forgotten with the hope of new games for everyone to spend money on. These are the 10 I can’t wait ... Continue Reading →

‘Annie’ surprises, but ultimately fails

“Tomorrow” has come once again for little orphan Annie. This time around, Annie falls victim to the “Hard Knock Life” of Hollywood remakes. “Annie,” (PG; 118 min) is a musical adaptation directed by Will Gluck and stars Jamie Foxx, Rose Byrne, ... Continue Reading →

10 worst movies of 2014

“Gone Girl,” “Boyhood” and “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” are just some of this year’s films that will permeate greatness through the decades. While those films were brilliant, this was also a disappointing year. The franchising ... Continue Reading →

Retro Review: “Philadelphia”

The Daily Egyptian’s Tony McDaniel and Jack Robinson watched the film “Philadelphia”, which was given three and a half out four when it was released, to see if it stands up to the test of time. The 1993 film, “Philadelphia” (PG-13; 125 ... Continue Reading →

Year in review: Chase’s top 10 albums of 2014

Every year we are introduced to new social trends in art and pop culture, often becoming symbols for the year they emerge. In the past couple years, the music industry experienced a shift in what is considered “popular” in the ears of the masses. Some ... Continue Reading →

Top 10 video games of 2014

Playing video-games this year was like riding a roller coaster. Every up was followed by a down, giving gamers whiplash and frustration (hopefully no vomiting).  After countless trailers and demos, many games looked like fresh, mouth-watering donuts, ... Continue Reading →

‘Penguins of Madagascar’ migrates the right way

The original “Madagascar” film hit theaters in May of 2005. Comprised of an all-star cast including Ben Stiller and Chris Rock, it ascended to the top of the box office and has direct sequels to its name. Movie-goers easily forget plots, especially ... Continue Reading →

Best Films of 2014

2014 was an odd year for film. While certain movies seemed like guaranteed wins, others showed Hollywood continuing to make the same mistakes. It was a year for the underdogs. It was the year of the surprise hits. The movies below are some of the best. 10. ... Continue Reading →

Nintendo releases a ‘Smash’-ing good time

Nintendo fans have enjoyed pitting their favorite characters against each other for 15 years, and “Super Smash Bros. for Wii U” is the crown jewel of the popular fighting franchise. “Smash” has been an installment on every Nintendo console since ... Continue Reading →
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