Hello Weekend talks uniqueness, on-stage presence, and inspiration

The Chicago-based, pop cover band Hello Weekend will bring the party atmosphere to Pinch Penny Pub this Friday. Cover for the show is $5 and for ages 19 and older. The band has played venues all over the Midwest, putting their own personal twist on current ... Continue Reading →

New Faces stage Pulitzer Award winning performances

“New Faces” of the theater department have the chance to show off their talents this weekend through a free performance. The theme of Saturday’s performance is the Pulitzer Prize. Each play in the show has won the prestigious award. “New Faces” ... Continue Reading →

Hollywood’s blunders: a top 10 list

There are a lot of fantastic movies out there. Films that capture our imagination and make us want to either make our own movies or just watch more good movies. It seems every time one reaches into the classic cinema bucket, there is always more to grab ... Continue Reading →
Beth Martell, of Makanda, hangs “Ancestor” by local artist Mary Anne Wildwood, Sunday
for the “Day of the Dead” art exhibit in the first floor rotunda of Morris Library. “I just
got an idea and couldn’t hold it in,” Martell said. Martell began organizing this exhibit
after talking with first grade teacher Ruth Hoak, of Century Elementary in Ullin. Martell
and her friends were concerned with the loss of the Monarch butterflies and decided to
do what they could to raise awareness.
Ian Mullen • Daily Egyptian

Respecting and celebrating the dead

Dia de los Muertos, or “Day of the Dead,” is a Mexican holiday on Nov. 2 celebrated around the world. The holiday honors the death of ancestors through food, art, and other traditions. The Day of the Dead art exhibit in the first floor rotunda of ... Continue Reading →

Shawnee National Forest: Discovery in our own backyard

Southern Illinois really is a beautiful place, almost like a big playground for outdoor enthusiasts. With the Shawnee National Forest in the backyard, it would be hard to not find a new exciting area to explore. The forest holds anything a curious adventurer ... Continue Reading →

Dancing at the winery with Dirtwater Fox

Something about southern rock n’ roll gets people up and dancing. The upbeat drums, guitar, and bass connecting in perfect tone and the loud melodic vocals must serve as a factor. One band who strongly encourages a dancing feeling is southern Illinois’ ... Continue Reading →

Hangar 9 welcomes The Driftaways

With traditional reggae influences, ska-like brass progressions and a little dash of blues, The Driftaways are seven pieces of one funky puzzle. The Driftaways, from St. Louis, will perform Friday at Hangar 9. Doors open at 9 p.m. and Copecetic will open ... Continue Reading →

The top 10 best films of all time

What are the top ten best films of all time? Anyone who pays his or her hard earned cash for a movie tends to have an answer to this question, although it’s not an easy one. It is impossible to narrow down a list of all time best movies, but for the ... Continue Reading →

The LouFest experience

The sun was at its highest point when I arrived, peeking in and out of passing clouds. The walk to the main festival was long, but refreshing with a near perfect temperature and the sound of drums and bass guitar in the distance. Sooner than I knew it, ... Continue Reading →
Provided photo

The Way Down Wanderers combine styles and bring folk to town

We live in a fast-paced world. Everyone has their own ways of relaxing. Some go for easy listening to soothe their soul. Alternative folk band The Way Down Wanderers out of Peoria create vivid imagery through their lyrics and combine multiple backgrounds ... Continue Reading →
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Lucero talks about their start, venues and sound progression

Ever since the release of their debut album “The Attic Tapes” in 2000, Lucero has played hard rock and roll with a back-road, loving country sound that you can only find in Memphis, Tenn. The band have toured in North America for more then a decade. ... Continue Reading →

Carbondale’s ‘Whiskey Caper’ talk upcoming performance

The room is quiet. Then livens as the sounds of reveling guitars, amid a robust horn and keyboard accompaniment, come into the room. The melodies put the listeners into a dance-pack party trance. The music comes only from The Whiskey Caper. The Whiskey ... Continue Reading →

Jungle Dogs reunite with old-school flavor

Not every band can stand the test of time. Endless hours on the road, frustration in the studio and being around each other constantly begins to take its toll. Band members lose touch with one another and eventually fade away. Carbondale’s own Jungle ... Continue Reading →

Five things to do in Carbondale for Labor Day weekend

.galleria-stage .galleria-image img { border-color: #ffffff; } Suffering from information overload after the first two ... Continue Reading →

Alarming changes in the River’s grand new efforts

The controlled sounds of an acoustic performance roll steadily as they embrace the landscape. The strings of the guitar billow around those of the violin and breeze soft amid the drum and tambourine. It was 2010 when English indie rock band Dry the River ... Continue Reading →
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