Dancers grace the stage

Dancing for some is a weekend hobby, but for others, it is a lifelong passion. Those passions were displayed for visitors, community members and students alike this weekend. Thirty-three Southern Illinois Dance Company members performed a diverse set ... Continue Reading →

‘Clybourne Park’ juxtaposes past and present

Even though dialect differs from decade to decade, similar social issues are presented in the McLeod’s final performance of the fall season. The McLeod Theater will perform its rendition of “Clybourne Park,” which provides a unique juxtaposition ... Continue Reading →

Hot Sauce Committee talks nostalgia, Carbondale and future fun

One band that has become increasingly familiar to the Carbondale music scene over the years has been the ’90s music and dance cover band the Hot Sauce Committee. With a band name inspired by a hit Beastie Boys track, it can be inferred that the ... Continue Reading →

‘Halo’ makes the move to Xbox One

The “Halo” franchise has been the crown jewel for Xbox since “Halo: Combat Evolved” was released in 2001. Since then, players have gone on four adventures with the greatest Marine of the future, Master Chief. With the success and popularity of ... Continue Reading →

‘Birdman: Or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance’ is a bizarre tour de force

The end of the year is upon us and with that movies of the year lists will come. It was a weird year for cinema. If a film was not unanimously praised, it got mixed reviews and seemed to fall of the face of the earth. While there were not many brilliant ... Continue Reading →

‘Saving Christmas’ gives reason to scrooges

Religious dramas seem to be on the rise. This year alone “God’s Not Dead” and “Mom’s Night Out” have found moderate success. While most of these films can be criticized for being religious propaganda, none are as bad as Kirk Cameron’s latest ... Continue Reading →
Silvan Negrutiu, left, a pianist from Romania, and Amy Catron, a cellist of the Illinois Symphony Orchestra, perform Saturday
night in the Old Baptist Foundation Recital Hall as part of their Midwest tour. Negrutiu and Catron came to SIU in
exchange for a performance held previously at Millikin University by SIU associate professor Eric Lenz. “This is my first time
in SIU,” Negrutiu said. “I’m excited to perform to SIU’s warm audience.”
Nicolas Galindo • Daily Egyptian

The art of cello and piano brought to SIU

Music could be heard escaping the doors of the Old Baptist Foundation Recital Hall on Saturday night as the SIU School of Music hosted a violoncello and piano recital featuring Amy Catron and Silvan Negruţiu. The two performed “Suite Per Violoncello” ... Continue Reading →

‘Dumb and Dumber To’ disappoints after 20-year wait

“Dumb and Dumber” is a popular culture phenomenon. While doing wonderful at the box office, it did very poorly when it came to critical reviews. Yet, since its release in 1994 it has become a cult classic. Age does not matter. Everyone knows the lines. ... Continue Reading →

SIU School of Music: upcoming performances

Monday Guest violinist Julieta Mihal recital The School of Music features violinist Julieta Mihal for a guest recital from 7:30 to 9 p.m. at the Old Baptist Foundation Recital Hall. Mihal is an associate professor of violin at Western Illinois University ... Continue Reading →

Dissecting ‘Animals’ without knives

Nudity, sex, blood and a catchy beat are what viewers retain from Maroon 5’s music video for their new single, “Animals.” Between clips of lead singer Adam Levine dancing shirtless inside of a meat locker, the music video exposes issues in society ... Continue Reading →
Olivia Martinez, a freshman from Round Lake studying fashion design merchandising, works on an outfit made out of recycled goods Nov. 7 at Quigley Hall. The SIU Sustainability Department is teaming up with the Fashion Design and Merchandising registered student organization to make outfits out of recycled goods. Saturday is America Recycles Day, a day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling nationwide. —Lewis Marien

RSO fashions recycled merchandise

With hundreds of recycled supplies spread throughout its studio, the Fashion Design and Merchandising Registered Student Organization got its hands dirty to make “green” attire. After working for the past six weeks, two designs were made by the group ... Continue Reading →

Foo Fighters stick to their guns on ‘Sonic Highways’

A band’s success is usually determined by its ability to pump out records and give its fans what they want year after year. When it comes to spending time in the music industry, Dave Grohl is one of the more experienced rock musicians, which comes ... Continue Reading →
Provided Photo

One-man jam-band Keller Williams returns to Copper Dragon after two year absence

It has been more than two years since loop aficionado and one-man jam band Keller Williams last visited Carbondale. The date was April 28, 2012. Copper Dragon was packed and the atmosphere was alive within the venue as Williams danced around stage in ... Continue Reading →

‘Toil and Rubble’ shows unique post-apocalyptic perspectives

Depicting the ‘end of days’ through performance has been done many ways with many angles. The movie “I Am Legend” depicted it as a virus fallout and its aftermath, where as movies in “The Matrix” Trilogy depict it as a machine ... Continue Reading →

Pixar soars again with ‘Big Hero Six’

Disney Pixar has one of the best track records for any movie studio with productions like “Up,” “Monsters Inc.” and “The Incredibles.” Even when it stumbles, it’s with class, making it seem like it never stumbled at all. “Big Hero ... Continue Reading →
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