The Rose Hotel gazebo looks out onto the Ohio River, where Illinois and Kentucky meet. The structure was built in 1882 by the original architect James McFarlands son, James Junior after additionall renovations to the property were completed in the years prior. The gazebo is free for the public to visit and can also be rented to hold events, such as weddings.

Rose Hotel home to more than just guests

In a quaint village along the Ohio River, the Rose Hotel does not stand out of the background, until the graves in the backyard come into view. Prior to being closed in 1967, the hotel had been the longest continually operating hotel in the state. Now ... Continue Reading →

‘Begin Again’ renews the summer movie

The music movie is dead. At least it was, until about a week ago. It seemed as if after June’s “Jersey Boys” Broadway-turned-movie dud Hollywood was a far cry from the Academy Award winning music biopics earlier in the ‘00s, films like “Ray” ... Continue Reading →

Planet of the apes never transcends monkey business

This summer has been full of ridiculous images on screen. Magneto dropping a baseball stadium on the White House in “X-Men.” An alien vessel dropping a ship on Optimus Prime in “Transformers.” “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” (Rated PG-13; ... Continue Reading →

Trekking the treble notes

Trekkies and Mozart fans alike will find enjoyment in this year’s 10th annual Southern Illinois Music Festival. The festival offers more than 36 performances with an array of shows including operas, ballets, orchestras, chamber music, choral music and ... Continue Reading →

‘Chef’ sizzles with delicious passion

It’d be easy to say Jon Favreau’s new film looks great because of the gratuitous images of delicious-looking food. Favreau certainly could have relied on the food in “Chef” (Rated R; 114 Min.) to propel him forward without a solid story. Some ... Continue Reading →

The ‘Fault’ is in the script, not the ‘Stars’

It was the famed comedian Bill Cosby who said, “If you can find humor in anything, even poverty, you can survive it.” That’s what writer John Green did when he wrote 2012’s “The Fault in Our Stars,” the blockbuster book which follows two teens, ... Continue Reading →

Zola Road leads to Walker’s Bluff

The steady sounds of acoustic guitar shuffle in. Voices then meet the melody in a dual-part harmony. Fresh off the release of its latest album, “The Way You Burn Me,” new local band Zola Road is on its way to a follow-up while meeting the demands ... Continue Reading →

Preview of the summer in music

Ice Cube When it comes to discussing the history of hip-hop, rap legend Ice Cube is a name that cannot be left out of conversation. Although he has spent much of the last decade making movies, he still has not forgotten his roots as one of the pioneers ... Continue Reading →

‘Spider-Man’ not ‘Amazing,’ but Sony shows improvement

When Sony Pictures announced it would reboot the “Spider-Man” franchise just a few years after “Spider-Man 3,” the move reeked of desperation. And desperate it was. Sony wanted to hold on to the rights lest they revert to Marvel. Thus the muddled, ... Continue Reading →

Student shows passion through Martin’s Picasso

The lights rise as Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso exchange ideas over drinks in a bar in Paris; the year is 1904. This scene can only be found in “Picasso at the Lapin Agile,” a comedy written by actor Steve Martin. Director Nich Radcliffe, a first-year ... Continue Reading →

‘Spider-Man’ not ‘Amazing’ but working on it

When Sony Pictures announced it would reboot the “Spider-Man” franchise just a few years after “Spider-Man 3,” the move reeked of desperation. And desperate it was. Sony wanted to hold on to the rights lest they revert to Marvel. Thus the muddled, ... Continue Reading →

Albarn sparks social message through ‘Robots’

Through the course of music history there have been numerous accounts of artists taking their acts solo, to differing success. English singer/songwriter and pop icon Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz did just that recently with the release of his new ... Continue Reading →

Psychedelic rock SPREAD across two nights

Some musicians have only one home, with a small group of followers and a sound that doesn’t extend far beyond that base.  Then there are bands that pursue success in every endeavor and strive for connection. Sometimes, those connections can thrive ... Continue Reading →

Howlin’ Brothers on touring, Doc Watson and new album

Since their formation nearly eight years ago, The Howlin’ Brothers have been bringing their fun-loving picking and singing to audiences in Nashville, Tenn., and more recently around the country.  The trio of Ben Plasse on upright bass/banjo/vocals, ... Continue Reading →

Reviews: Elephant’s ‘Swimming,’ Incident’s ‘Head’

Elephant: ‘Sky Swimming’ The melodies rise, paced and strong yet delicate, in a finely crafted tone. An echoing mezzo-soprano joins in. When the vocals and instrumentation drift together, the music plays out with synthesizer, which create a haunting ... Continue Reading →
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