The art of watercolor on display at Longbranch

Watercolor painting may trigger an elementary school memory where the paint mixture often ended up on clothes rather than paper. Artist Carolyn Hollabaugh uses the same materials on a professional level to create intricate landscapes and moments. Hollabaugh ... Continue Reading →

The Equalizer’ is not Denzel’s most dynamic role

Denzel Washington has an illustrious career highlighted by roles including “Training Day,” “Philadelphia” and “Malcolm X.” Many of his films will be remembered for some time. “The Equalizer” (Rated R; 131 mins) is not one of those movies. “The ... Continue Reading →

Chesney’s album a “big revival”

For 13 years, fans have been following Kenny Chesney and his tour bus all over. This year, the bus is parked. Chesney took a year off from touring to focus on his music. His 15th studio album, “The Big Revival” was released Sept. 23. “The Big Revival” ... Continue Reading →

Henhouse Prowlers, Old Toby and a night of bluegrass at Hangar

Chicago, with all its busy streets and tall skyscrapers, is probably not the first place you would picture for bluegrass music. Jazz clubs can be found scattered around the city, but rural influences can be hard to encounter in an urban environment. One ... Continue Reading →

Elliot Ranney talks musical roots, influences and family

Mixing styles such as bossa nova, swing and folk, Elliot Ranney, a jazz musician based out of St. Louis, creates his own unique acoustic sound. Ranney will bring his finger-style guitar playing to Blue Sky Vineyard in Makanda this Saturday from 2 to 5 ... Continue Reading →

‘This Is Where I Leave You’ leaves much to be desired

When a movie features a star cast, one imagines the film has a chance to be good. Somehow, having an amazing line-up will disregard any other problems the film could have. “This Is Where I Leave You” (Rated R; 103 Mins) reminds us that a great cast ... Continue Reading →

‘The Maze Runner’ exceeds expectations

Hollywood likes to get stuck on trends. Its recent trend seems to be adaptations of young adult dystopian novels. With the successes of films like “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent” it might be a while before this trend ever stops. But even in ... Continue Reading →

SIU holds the first CarbonCON

Gaming, cosplay and charity invaded the Student Center this weekend for a new convention. The first CarbonCON was held this weekend inside the Renaissance Room. Role-playing, card games, board games, costume contests and magic were just some of the activities ... Continue Reading →

‘A Walk Among the Tombstones’ is held together by Neeson

Some movies, while not perfect, are elevated by a singular aspect within the film, such as acting or directing. “A Walk Among the Tombstones” (Rated R; 113 min.) is one of those films. “A Walk Among the Tombstones” is a crime film directed by ... Continue Reading →

New festival hits the hills of Vienna

The wheels of the green 2004 Ford Taurus gripped tight to the asphalt as we sped around the curves of the two-lane road. We were about 45 minutes outside of Carbondale traveling down Gilead Church Road in Vienna when the first sign came into view. Our ... Continue Reading →

Hello Weekend talks uniqueness, on-stage presence, and inspiration

The Chicago-based, pop cover band Hello Weekend will bring the party atmosphere to Pinch Penny Pub this Friday. Cover for the show is $5 and for ages 19 and older. The band has played venues all over the Midwest, putting their own personal twist on current ... Continue Reading →

New Faces stage Pulitzer Award winning performances

“New Faces” of the theater department have the chance to show off their talents this weekend through a free performance. The theme of Saturday’s performance is the Pulitzer Prize. Each play in the show has won the prestigious award. “New Faces” ... Continue Reading →

‘Dolphin Tale 2’ is forgettable

A theatrical sequel usually comes to films people have heard of. This does not mean the film has to be universally loved. Many terrible films are given terrible sequels. But for the most part, those films do not turn people’s heads in surprise when ... Continue Reading →

Hollywood’s blunders: a top 10 list

There are a lot of fantastic movies out there. Films that capture our imagination and make us want to either make our own movies or just watch more good movies. It seems every time one reaches into the classic cinema bucket, there is always more to grab ... Continue Reading →
Beth Martell, of Makanda, hangs “Ancestor” by local artist Mary Anne Wildwood, Sunday
for the “Day of the Dead” art exhibit in the first floor rotunda of Morris Library. “I just
got an idea and couldn’t hold it in,” Martell said. Martell began organizing this exhibit
after talking with first grade teacher Ruth Hoak, of Century Elementary in Ullin. Martell
and her friends were concerned with the loss of the Monarch butterflies and decided to
do what they could to raise awareness.
Ian Mullen • Daily Egyptian

Respecting and celebrating the dead

Dia de los Muertos, or “Day of the Dead,” is a Mexican holiday on Nov. 2 celebrated around the world. The holiday honors the death of ancestors through food, art, and other traditions. The Day of the Dead art exhibit in the first floor rotunda of ... Continue Reading →
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