Shawnee National Forest: Discovery in our own backyard

Southern Illinois really is a beautiful place, almost like a big playground for outdoor enthusiasts. With the Shawnee National Forest in the backyard, it would be hard to not find a new exciting area to explore. The forest holds anything a curious adventurer ... Continue Reading →

Dancing at the winery with Dirtwater Fox

Something about southern rock n’ roll gets people up and dancing. The upbeat drums, guitar, and bass connecting in perfect tone and the loud melodic vocals must serve as a factor. One band who strongly encourages a dancing feeling is southern Illinois’ ... Continue Reading →

Hangar 9 welcomes The Driftaways

With traditional reggae influences, ska-like brass progressions and a little dash of blues, The Driftaways are seven pieces of one funky puzzle. The Driftaways, from St. Louis, will perform Friday at Hangar 9. Doors open at 9 p.m. and Copecetic will open ... Continue Reading →

The top 10 best films of all time

What are the top ten best films of all time? Anyone who pays his or her hard earned cash for a movie tends to have an answer to this question, although it’s not an easy one. It is impossible to narrow down a list of all time best movies, but for the ... Continue Reading →

Emarosa ends four-year hiatus with ‘Versus’

When a band drops a vocalist, it could be because of internal or external reasons. When that happens, fans tend to worry, like in the case of David Lee Roth’s departure from Van Halen in 1985. Post-hardcore band Emarosa from Lexington, Ky. has had their ... Continue Reading →

EA takes one step forward and two backward

You would think after doing something 26 times, there would be a level of mastery achieved. With EA Games’ Madden football franchise, this is not the case. Madden 15 is the 27th edition of the franchise, but noticeable glitches make the release worse ... Continue Reading →

‘The Identical’ fails miserably

A serious drama is not supposed to make you laugh. It feels wrong. “The Identical”(Rated PG; 107 min) is one of those films. Every piece of dialogue, action — and sometimes even the music — all contribute to this unintentional laughter. “The ... Continue Reading →

The LouFest experience

The sun was at its highest point when I arrived, peeking in and out of passing clouds. The walk to the main festival was long, but refreshing with a near perfect temperature and the sound of drums and bass guitar in the distance. Sooner than I knew it, ... Continue Reading →

‘The November Man’ comes way too late

Now is the time of fantastic spy thrillers. A genre once thought a casualty of the Cold War ending has risen from its own ashes and reinvented itself. A genre once thought silly and unrealistic, now is viewed as gritty and exhilarating. “The November ... Continue Reading →
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The Way Down Wanderers combine styles and bring folk to town

We live in a fast-paced world. Everyone has their own ways of relaxing. Some go for easy listening to soothe their soul. Alternative folk band The Way Down Wanderers out of Peoria create vivid imagery through their lyrics and combine multiple backgrounds ... Continue Reading →
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Lucero talks about their start, venues and sound progression

Ever since the release of their debut album “The Attic Tapes” in 2000, Lucero has played hard rock and roll with a back-road, loving country sound that you can only find in Memphis, Tenn. The band have toured in North America for more then a decade. ... Continue Reading →
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Annual music festival, back and ready to rock

A hard rock band by the name of AC/DC once said these famous words. “For those about to rock, we salute you,” words quite fitting for the weekend that lies ahead. The fourth annual Carbondale Rocks Revival Music Festival is  back  this weekend. ... Continue Reading →

Luke Bryan rocks Soldier Field

Chicago is essentially a polar opposite of country music. Skyscrapers and dirt trails do not normally mix, but that all changed over the weekend. Luke Bryan brought the “That’s My Kind of Night” tour to Soldier Field on Sunday. Dierks Bentley, Lee ... Continue Reading →

‘As Above, So Below’ above average

Found footage horror films have divided movie going audiences. “The Blair Witch Project” was released in 1999 and blew away the box office. This allowed for found footage films to go from being a sparsely used gimmick, to its own subgenre. The release ... Continue Reading →

‘If I Stay’ should leave it to the book

When it comes to book adaptations, it seems only fair that they are judged solely on the film and not in comparison to the novel it comes from. With that in mind, “If I Stay” (Rated PG-13; 107 min) is still a terrible adaptation. “If I Stay” ... Continue Reading →
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