The Main Squeeze on college scenes and musical gumbo

Chicago-based funk band The Main Squeeze, rooted in Indiana University nightlife, blends together all the ingredients needed to get the dance floor rocking.  The Main Squeeze performs at Hangar 9 Friday. Carbondale’s own Soul Census will open the show. In ... Continue Reading →

Children’s shows basis for adult performance

A classic kids’ television series is the inspiration for an exploration of queer theory at the Kleinau Theater this weekend.  Queer and transgender activist Benny LeMaster, a doctoral candidate in communication studies from Long Beach, Calif., wrote ... Continue Reading →

Ziggy Marley lets reggae ‘Fly’ on new album

In the history of Jamaican roots reggae music, one family stands out as the genre’s pioneer: the Marleys. In 1981, the world lost Bob Marley, one of the most influential musicians to walk the planet. However, his love and passion for music and the world ... Continue Reading →

Inequality addressed on the ‘Radio’

A performance piece can be an effective way to address national concerns, and this weekend SIU will play host to a piece focused on one of America’s most controversial topics. The Tony Award-winning play “Radio Golf,” written by August Wilson, opens ... Continue Reading →

Summer 2014: Breaking down the blockbusters

The sweet smell of freedom is starting to waft in like air conditioning on a blisteringly hot day. Come May 10 that freedom will no longer be a mirage. With the end of school comes summer movie season. This is also known as the three months where audiences ... Continue Reading →

‘Heaven’ has high drama, low payoff

For all the big questions director Randall Wallace’s “Heaven is for Real” (Rated PG; 100 Min.) asks about the afterlife, too many are answered with a shrug. But it’s not for lack of trying — at least not on the actors’ parts. Wallace, the ... Continue Reading →

Pfister’s ‘Transcendence’ earns his degree

Graduation isn’t just for college and high school seniors. It’s also for Oscar-winning cinematographer-turned-director Wally Pfister. Pfister is well known for his work on Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy and “Inception,” which ... Continue Reading →
Transcendence 2

Pfister’s ‘Transcendence’ earns his degree

Graduation isn’t just for college and high school seniors across the country. It’s also for Oscar-winning cinematographer-turned-director Wally Pfister. Pfister is well known for his work on Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” ... Continue Reading →

Little Pizza on collaboration and Afroman

Little Pizza might not deliver to your door, but it often delivers its sounds to Hangar 9. The band, fronted by Ryne Teston, opens for Afroman Thursday evening at the bar. It’s music offers an eclectic, raw and experimental style, infusing classical ... Continue Reading →

Keeping the Blues in the family

For Carbondale blues musician and one-man band Richard “Rip Lee” Pryor, music came at a young age and never loosened its grip, no matter where life took him.  Rip Lee, the son of legendary Chicago blues musician James “Snooky” Pryor, began his ... Continue Reading →

Woods expands their prism

For listeners looking for a more delicate sound, the band Woods provides a more subdued shine. Theindie-folkgroupproducesmusic of various textures, with each album varying in complexity. Their seventh album, “With Light and With Love,” released ... Continue Reading →

Michaelson’s ‘Light’ sickly sweet

For the vast majority of radio listeners, Ingrid Michaelson will sound familiar — If not for her name, then by the popularity of her songs. “The Way I Am” is one of those songs. It’s from her 2006 debut album “Girls and Boys” and the song ... Continue Reading →

Students aim to guide explorers’ paths

One of the 2014 Saluki App Competition winners might help students find their own trails, or at least ones they never knew about. The second annual competition concluded April 7, with the grand prize going to two student apps — SI Trails and The Gluten ... Continue Reading →

Student’s clarinet recital closes out studies

For John McCowen, C’s don’t get degrees. A’s through G’s do. McCowen, a senior from Herrin studying music composition, chose to pursue the clarinet and is on the home stretch of his studies. McCowen presented what he has learned during a clarinet ... Continue Reading →

‘Draft Day’ as indecisive as Reitman

In football, being a bandwagon fan is a cardinal sin. Jumping from one team to another because of their record is considered wishy-washy.Director Ivan Reitman coaches “Draft Day” in a manner as wishy-washy as a Jets fan suddenly rooting for Seattle. ... Continue Reading →
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