Carbondale’s ‘Whiskey Caper’ talk upcoming performance

The room is quiet. Then livens as the sounds of reveling guitars, amid a robust horn and keyboard accompaniment, come into the room. The melodies put the listeners into a dance-pack party trance. The music comes only from The Whiskey Caper. The Whiskey ... Continue Reading →

Jungle Dogs reunite with old-school flavor

Not every band can stand the test of time. Endless hours on the road, frustration in the studio and being around each other constantly begins to take its toll. Band members lose touch with one another and eventually fade away. Carbondale’s own Jungle ... Continue Reading →

Five things to do in Carbondale for Labor Day weekend

.galleria-stage .galleria-image img { border-color: #ffffff; } Suffering from information overload after the first two ... Continue Reading →

Alarming changes in the River’s grand new efforts

The controlled sounds of an acoustic performance roll steadily as they embrace the landscape. The strings of the guitar billow around those of the violin and breeze soft amid the drum and tambourine. It was 2010 when English indie rock band Dry the River ... Continue Reading →

‘Sin City’ sequel is an unoriginal sin

It is weird to think it has been nine years since the release of the original “Sin City.” The year was 2005. “Sin City” was released to the masses and is still a critically acclaimed film today. It wowed us with its noir style, interesting world ... Continue Reading →

Dirty Loops uses old and new influences

Sometimes radio play can wear out a song, so when a band comes along, takes an already popular song and re-works it, it can be refreshing. Since 2008, Swedish jazz-fusion trio Dirty Loops have been enlightening the music world with its unorthodox arrangements ... Continue Reading →

‘When the Game Stands Tall’ falls short

Sports films have a long and inconsistent history. For the most part, sports films have an extensive line of successes. Consider “Raging Bull,” “Caddyshack” and “Friday Night Lights.”At best, sports films can bring out some of the best character ... Continue Reading →

‘Boyhood’ is a Masterpiece

Richard Linklater has had an odd filmmaking career. At times he is an indie darling, making acclaimed films like “Slacker,” “Before Sunrise” and “A Scanner Darkly.” At other times, he makes very mediocre commercial films like “School of ... Continue Reading →

The Mudsills: Bringing the Blues Through Southern Illinois

When describing the blues genre of music, musical legend B.B King once said, “The Blues? It’s the mother of American music. That’s what it is – the source.” Music today likes to incorporate small pieces of the blues style like scales and note ... Continue Reading →

Chicago’s The Heard talk funk, venues, balance and new material

Based in Chicago and playing at venues such as the Congress Theater and Metro, funk band The Heard has been combining early funkadelic styles and upbeat jams for several years. The group consists of a horn section, including Adam Gross on trombone, Parris ... Continue Reading →
Derrek Humphrey, of Sturgis, Ky., takes a break Wednesday from setting up a carnival ride at the Du Quoin State Fairgrounds. Humphrey has earned the nickname ‘Monkey’ because he
climbs on top of rides. The Du Quoin State Fair starts Aug. 22 with the theme “Love a Fair: Since 1923.”
Ian Mullen • Daily Egyptian

Guide to this year’s Du Quoin State Fair

The smell of funnel cake creeps over the land, attracting people far and wide. Engines growl as demolition derby cars smash into each other with violent force. Screams echo as people spin in every direction on their conquest for thrill and adrenaline. There ... Continue Reading →
Genie Schropp, also known as Vinyl Vixen, of Makanda, runs the afternoon show ‘Independent Worm Hole’ Tuesday on WDBX-FM 91.1. Schropp has been with
the station for nine years after a hiatus from her college broadcasting career. “It’s kind of like I’m reliving my dream,” Schropp said. WDBX has been in operation
since 1996 and relies on community support to stay on the air. WDBX is trying to fundraise $20,000 through a Kickstarter campaign and listener donations to keep
the station running.
Ian Mullen • Daily Egyptian

Community radio station needs help to survive

WDBX 91.1 FM has been broadcasting in Carbondale since 1996, but in a day when many people stream music online, the local community station is working to stay on the air. Last week the station appealled to the community, asking for $20,000 to help the ... Continue Reading →

‘The Giver’ has nothing to give

Sometimes, Hollywood can be a broken jukebox. It will occasional play something new and everyone will sigh in relief at something different, something fresh. But for the most part, it seems to be stuck on one song that plays over and over and over. One ... Continue Reading →

Third time’s the charm for ‘Expendables’ series

Occasionally a movie comes along that cannot be fairly reviewed like every other movie. To even compare it to normal movies would be like comparing a child’s math skills to the math skills of someone in college. These movies tend to be so bad, so dumb, ... Continue Reading →

Summer releases offer a cure for student stress

Summer is over. It is time for students to get back to the grueling schedule of everyday academia. What better way to alleviate the stress than with music? Most students suffer from stress at some point but do not fear, there is a cure! The remedy is ... Continue Reading →
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