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Only two games remain in World Cup

The biggest tournament in the world will end this weekend with one team holding the World Cup trophy along with bragging rights for the next four years. Argentina and Germany will meet in the final Sunday with the Netherlands and host Brazil meeting ... Continue Reading →

Chicago’s Bloody Fourth

During the holiday weekend of the Fourth of July, what began as a time of celebration became a bloodbath brought on from gun violence. Cook County Medical Examiner Anthony Brucci confirmed a total of 17 dead and it was reported more than 60 people were ... Continue Reading →

Celebrating our Independence Day

“We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!”- President Thomas Whitmore This memorable quote from the 1990s film “Independence ... Continue Reading →

Keep boardroom out of my bedroom

On June 30, the Supreme Court handed down their 5 – 4 ruling that making family-owned corporations pay for contraceptive insurance coverage violates their religious freedom. What about my right to reproductive freedom? In no way, shape or form should ... Continue Reading →

The NBA draft is finally upon us

Up until a few days ago, the number one pick in tonight’s NBA Draft was locked in, but now it’s a two-man race. The University of Kansas’s Joel Embiid was set to be the top pick and head to the Cleveland Cavaliers, but a foot injury has hurt Embiid’s ... Continue Reading →

It’s pronounced futbol for the next month

Every four years the world turns its focus to the most unique and exciting sporting event in the world the FIFA World Cup. In the United States, we don’t view the World Cup the same as most countries do. We, as Americans, become moderately excited for ... Continue Reading →

Money troubles fall on students

This is  guest column written by SIU student Cody Ward. Time is money. We have all heard this expression on multiple occasions, and for many of the student workers here on campus, we are about to fully grasp its meaning. Three hours a week is what the ... Continue Reading →

Multiple exposures: four years of organized chaos

Creating a multiple exposure is a process in which several photos are taken and superimposed on each other to create one image. The light exposure is typically the same, but the position of the subject or subjects, changes. My experience at this newspaper ... Continue Reading →

Vaccinations vital to public health

The following is a guest column written by senior SIU journalism student Drake Hall. Recently, the small-but-vocal anti-vaccine movement has been linked to small-scale outbreaks of preventable diseases across the country. Most media outlets have done ... Continue Reading →

Student media still necessary

Campus towns around the country are known for their diverse and active student populations that bring various cultures together in one place. For state schools especially — operating on the taxpayer’s dime — the university becomes the heart of the ... Continue Reading →

Seth Saves the World: Take that, bankers! (sorta)

OMG guys guess what? We’re finally going to see some justice against the big banks! Those evil-doers are going to get their comeuppance for destroying the financial climate of the world and see some serious fines plus jail time. That’s right. Bank ... Continue Reading →

Plenty gained from Sterling’s loss

I’ve always been the type of person to look on the brighter side of life even in the darkest and most depressing situations, and so far that’s worked out pretty well. It seems to me that right now the NBA could use a little bit of my positivity in ... Continue Reading →

Living the retail life

If you work in retail like me and many other young adults trying to get enough money to make their way through school, then you know the struggles of dealing with demanding customers. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my job. As a cashier at a chain retail ... Continue Reading →

Blues fans need to calm down

As I write this, one of the most exciting playoff series that many people have ever seen is nearing a resolution. Four out of the six games played between the Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues have needed at least one overtime period to decide a ... Continue Reading →

Seth saves the world: God bless America and rich people

It’s pretty neat I’ll be able to tell my grandchildren I was a pioneer. I imagine the conversation will go a little like this: “Sonny, let me tell you about the good ol’ days.” “You mean when gays couldn’t marry?” “No you little twerp. ... Continue Reading →
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