Seth saves the world: Talking in theaters is worse than drugs

Drugs are bad. There’s really no way around the argument. They can make you lazy, addictive, unreliable and just an all-around jerk. Who knew Mr. Mackey was right? But here’s the thing: it’s a health problem, not a criminal problem. Yes, I know ... Continue Reading →

A growing problem from China air pollution

This is a guest column written by Amber Davis The sight of blue surgical masks and thick smog is what has captured America’s attention in the past few months with Beijing’s worsening air pollution. Beijing has recently had to take action by allotting ... Continue Reading →

Playoffs bring brand new intensity

With the 2014 National Hockey League regular season finally over, it is time for the playoffs to start and the drama to begin. The NHL, similar to its seasonal counterpart, the NBA, turns up the physicality in the playoffs. The regular season for both ... Continue Reading →

Seth Saves the World: I will literally fight everyone in Irwindale

Alright America, normally I write about nonsense and how Anthony Weiner was elected president in an alternate universe or whatever, but this week it’s time to get serious. What’s going on? An unjust war? Unfair practices against the masses? “The ... Continue Reading →

That Masters is back

March Madness is over. But there is still a light at the end of the tunnel for sports fans. Major League Baseball is in full swing. But from now until Sunday, all eyes will be on CBS for the Masters. There’s just something about Augusta National ... Continue Reading →

The Bible, at 35mm

Hollywood’s not afraid of God. It’s afraid of Christians. In an interview with Fox News March 20, headlined “Kevin Sorbo: Why is Hollywood so afraid of God?” the star of Christian success story “God’s Not Dead” said he often wonders why ... Continue Reading →

Freshmen treatment overshadows transfer potential

The financial aid website for the university might as well read ‘transfers need not apply’. The Chancellor’s Scholarship at SIU is the most financial support available to an incoming student, totaling more than $85,000. The scholarship provides ... Continue Reading →

Net neutrality is a must

The following is a guest column written by SIU senior and journalism student Drake Hall… How many times a day do you use the Internet? If you’re a college student, that might be a difficult question to answer. You might use your iPhone to check Facebook ... Continue Reading →

Time for expert advice on Thompson Woods

The following is a guest column written by SIU Professor of Plant Biology Daniel L. Nickrent… Having been a professor of plant biology at SIU since 1990 and an undergraduate here in the 1970s, I feel I have the credentials and institutional knowledge ... Continue Reading →

Self-analyzing the college years

Oh, the college years. The moment when young ladies and gentlemen gear up to take on the world by themselves for the first time. As a teenager, thoughts swirl around your head of what awaits you at the educational complex we call college. After four years ... Continue Reading →

The bizarre names celebs call themselves

While munching on popcorn with your feet kicked up on the couch, you hear a name that makes you spit out your soda or just blatantly laugh. We all know someone with a crazy nickname, whether it makes you giggle or raise an eyebrow. In the celebrity world, ... Continue Reading →

We say goodbye, Ted says hello

Warning: Spoilers from Monday’s “How I Met Your Mother” finale ahead… Readers, I’m going to tell you an incredible story. The story of how I met “How I Met Your Mother.” Well, it’s really not that incredible. After finishing my first year ... Continue Reading →

Seth Saves the World: Dude, Hobby Lobby, calm down

Hobby Lobby is a great store. They have all the things you need for arts and crafts under one roof. You can buy yarn, buttons, silk plants and glitter in one convenient location. If they had groceries there, they would have everything I need for everyday ... Continue Reading →

NBA age requirement nothing but cash

How rare is it someone wanting to work and earn a paycheck is denied that opportunity? In what field is it okay for an 18 or 19-year-old to be barred from their natural duty of employment?  Just one field, professional athletics, puts restrictions on ... Continue Reading →

Just your typical college student

College students: it’s important to know you are not alone. Here are 35 things you have probably done more than once during your college career. 1. Skip at least one class per week. 2. Eat the same thing for weeks at a time (ex: ramen noodles, peanut ... Continue Reading →
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