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Letter to the Editor: A Navy veteran’s response to Alex Summers

By Zach Martin, Graduate Student

May 4

Filed under Editorials, Opinion

Mr. Summers, I come to you today during Teacher Appreciation Week in order to hopefully educate you on some facts you may be a bit unclear on.First, when you ask "what about the huge spike of violence in Carbondale and the seemi...

Letter to the Editor: Keep the Black Togetherness Organization the way it is

By SIU alumna Ivana Hill

May 3

Filed under Editorials, Opinion

It has come to our attention that SIUC is making a move toward inclusiveness and diversity. The problem here is that there is no definition of what is or isn't "inclusive," instead the university uses their protected definition o...

Editorial: State should make plate renewals easier

By Herald & Review editorial board

April 11

Filed under Editorials, Opinion

Illinois residents seeking license plate renewals are being treated unfairly by the state.That's not unusual in Illinois, where taxpayers and other customers are often an afterthought, if they are considered at all.The Secretary of St...

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