It’s just one more week

It’s a weird feeling that one thing I have looked forward to for my entire life is a week away … and I’m terrified. Working toward this point and it finally being here is bittersweet. It’s also a point I never thought I would reach. Education ... Continue Reading →

Seth saves the world: God bless America and rich people

It’s pretty neat I’ll be able to tell my grandchildren I was a pioneer. I imagine the conversation will go a little like this: “Sonny, let me tell you about the good ol’ days.” “You mean when gays couldn’t marry?” “No you little twerp. ... Continue Reading →

Seth saves the world: Talking in theaters is worse than drugs

Drugs are bad. There’s really no way around the argument. They can make you lazy, addictive, unreliable and just an all-around jerk. Who knew Mr. Mackey was right? But here’s the thing: it’s a health problem, not a criminal problem. Yes, I know ... Continue Reading →

Seth Saves the World: I will literally fight everyone in Irwindale

Alright America, normally I write about nonsense and how Anthony Weiner was elected president in an alternate universe or whatever, but this week it’s time to get serious. What’s going on? An unjust war? Unfair practices against the masses? “The ... Continue Reading →

Seth saves the world: I’m watching you Putin

My mom’s dog is a clever fellow. When we’re playing tug-of-war, I always win because he is the size of my boot. So he acts uninterested and downright derpy until I drop the toy. But then he scurries over in a quick sneak attack while I’m not looking ... Continue Reading →

Vote Symone as NBA Commissioner

One of the most respected men in the history of the NBA, with the most important job in the game, has decided to retire and pass his torchto…? NBA commissioner David Stern made a huge impact on the game of basketball and has paved the way for ... Continue Reading →

Seth saves the world: The enemy beneath

There is a danger lurking in the shadows, a killer hidden right under our noses. This network of bloodthirsty individuals will stop at nothing until they destroy our way of life. Who am I talking about, you say? Terrorists? Worse. Gay people getting ... Continue Reading →
Lookin' at you Obes.

Seth saves the world: Tom, we know it’s rough

I feel really bad for Tom Perkins. I mean dude has it really tough. For those of you who don’t know, this is Tom Perkins. Look at his face. It’s the face of a man who has been beat down for years. It’s the face of a man who knows the struggle. ... Continue Reading →

So many bowls, so little time

The Super Bowl is one of biggest spectacles on television every year, but there are more bowls now than just the big game. One term that has been thrown around for this year’s game is the weed bowl. Colorado and Washington have legalized marijuana, ... Continue Reading →
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